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AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair with Wide Seat


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Product Description

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair Review (View on Amazon)

If you are a gamer, then you will know that a gaming chair is an investment. Whether you are playing your game at the desk or in front of the TV, you should know that this chair has made you comfortable over long, hard gaming sessions as well. That’s why a low-end gaming model is still pricey compared to the generic office desks. This Core EX-model is the basic gaming chair from AK Racing and offers you with few frills or premium equipment compared to more expensive models like other brands. In this price range, this is a more affordable gaming chair that still manages to feel sturdy and comfortable while offering you some adjustments that other office chairs do not have. 

There are also some reasons why people choose this gaming chair rather than traditional office chairs. Of course, both of them have been designed in that way so users will feel comfortable in them for hours, but gamers also have a specific set of needs. First, you want your chair does not feel less restrictive as static office chairs, 

At this point, you can adjust the height, armrest, recline angle, and you can move it freely from place to place without leaving your chair. If you are an experienced gamer, a full-time streamer, or if you have extra, you may want to consider this chair as your best solution for your problems as well. There are many features that you can consider. AKRacing has been manufactured in chairs since 2001. The company also sets a high standard for themselves when it comes to delivering these products for the masses. 

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair with Wide Seat, High and Wide Backrest, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms with 5/10 warranty - Black/Blue

The Design 

This Core EX gaming chair has layered with almost mesh-like polyester fabric. It feels good, and it is also a good alternative if you want to get a leather sensation. Of course, it also allows you to get less expensive leather chairs as well. Instead of upholstery, you should know that this Core EX is quite similar to other chairs from AKRacing. It also uses the metal skeleton, and sturdy foam padding in the backrest, sides, and seat as well. 

The padding was more focused on the surface of this chair that touches you directly, so the back part is a hollow apart from the padding area that has been wrapped around the metal frame. This design is also a supportive, and dense design, even though it is pretty cheap with quality foam. Larger gamers will get well-supported from this chair. The maximum capacity is 330 pounds, along with the dimension that is perfect for users who have a body mass index up to 29 as well. This chair also has the same weight capacity, but it is wider. If this chair does not meet your needs, you may consider other products as well. 

You should know that this chair sits on a five-legged base made from the black aluminum with free-spinning to allow you to get rolling around. The base also has a standard hydraulic cylinder that can adjust your seat height. Just like other gaming chairs, this gaming chair also comes with two removable pillows. One of them is the head cushion that fits with the headrest along with the elastic strap. The other is the lumbar support cushion that sticks to where a small space of your back will meet with the back of this chair, these elastic straps are adjustable. So, you can attach or remove them easily based on your need. Of course, this chair also offers you a 5 -10-year warranty for this chair. The entire chair has been guaranteed from defective craftsmanship for 5 years, and the metal frame for 10 years. 

Who is this chair for? 

You should know that full-time gamers and streamers are targeted customers for this AKRacing EX gaming chair. This chair has an ergonomic design, you may find that this chair is so useful if you have lower back issues since they sit down too much. You also can enjoy this chair if you want to get strong armrests and a chair with sufficient capacity. This AKRacing gaming chair is available in different colors, so if you have specific requirements in this field, then you have a list that you can choose. 

Main Features 

You have known before that this AKRacing gaming chair is made with full steel frames with anti-corrosive coating as well. It gives you the best durability for indoor use. The foam padding is so comfy, and it is perfect for the steel frame as well. The fabric material is so soft and breathable that it is comfortable and easy to clean for long gaming sessions. 

The chair sits in the metal base, and it is sturdy and comes with wheels to ensure that you will get the best traction. One of the most interesting features is the adjustable armrests. These armrests can be adjusted up, down, forwards, backward and they also can rotate as well. It is also one of the biggest reasons why there are so many gamers who love this chair. 

Most gaming chairs also offer you with a 350-degree recline angle. This AKRacing gaming includes the Series EX model that allows you to get a 180-degree recline. Although it is not super stable in the full recline, it also allows users to stretch their backs while waiting to respond, without the need to get down off the chair. With the ergonomic design and high-adjustable sitting, this gaming chair is a favorite to be used in a home, studio, or even E-sport tournaments. This chair is comfortable, and sturdy, and has a great look as a high-end gaming chair. 

A good chair for you 

Core EX will feel so comfortable to sit in, although its fabric shell does not feel so smooth as other chairs. However, this fabric is much more than PU leather, so it fits perfectly to play games in warm weather. Of course, by considering the thermal requirements of PCs, and game consoles, it is highly recommended to play video games in the climate-controlled environments, and not direct sunlight. 

At this price range, this gaming chair is very affordable, even it is less expensive than other models while offering you the same features just like the metal construction, extensive armrest adjustments, and the reclining function. It is also a comfortable gaming chair, and this chair is in the more affordable range. This Core EX is also a good option for those who want to look beyond faux leather, or just want to spend a bit less or full-featured gaming chairs. 

You should know that this gaming chair only features in a small or medium frame. The maximum recommended BMI of 29, so this gaming chair cannot fit with larger individuals. If you are looking for an alternative with some extra width, but the same level of style, comfort, and adjustability, you may want to consider this gaming chair. 

It features the same materials and adjustability level with more space in the seat. It also has the same weight capacity at 220lbs. The difference price is mostly caused by the quality of the frame. But this gaming chair is still worth it. So, if you want to catch up with new technology, there is no doubt that this gaming chair can be a good option. Many gamers become a part of their setup. If you are sure that you use an upgrade from the classic gaming chair, then this chair can be a great option. 

If you are looking for a decent, and comfortable gaming chair that offers you the best result, then you can consider this option. Many things make you feel comfortable, and you can check this review first.