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Best Home Office Security System

The Best Office Security System Recommendations

Every office, whether it is small offices or big ones, surely needs the best office security system to keep the inventory safe and away from threads and dangers. In this technology era, you can find so many office security systems. So, some of you probably find it hard to choose the best one. If you are confused, check the recommendations below.

ADT Home Security

ADT Home Security offers a bunch of features and equipment that are helpful to keep your inventory safe. Each package of this office security system has remote access to control your system when you are away. It also features instant mobile application alerts to let you know when sensors are triggered. ADT security systems are equipped with flood monitoring and temperature monitoring. It also features a hold-up alarm that is beneficial for quietly calling for help during emergency situations. Other features that you can add include smart lighting, small appliance control, interactive video, and climate control.


The next best office security system is SimpliSafe. This security system is an ideal choice for you who look for an affordable security system for your home office. It offers professional monitoring and 15-minute setup. It does not have any contract so that you can avoid long-term commitments and cancellation fees. With SimpliSafe’s features, you can simply and easily protect your business. It is designed to be reliable and durable with power outage protection. So, your system can run up to 5 years as a backup. The security system also features Smash-Proof Protection. With such a feature, help will be sent when thieves break into your office.

You can also get the convenience of text alerts and application control for easy monitoring when you are away. Other benefits that you can get are secret alerts, portable business security system, and cellular connectivity.

Vivint Security

Vivint Security allows you to choose which alerts are considered as an emergency and which ones are not. You can also opt for receiving non-emergency alerts so that you will always know the condition in your office, even if there is not any emergency situation. The security system also has a mobile application for easy monitoring via smartphone or other gadgets. Custom alerts are available to inform you whenever the doors are opened when they should not be. You will also be able to speak to monitoring professionals by using your smartphone. Temperature and lighting control is also provided.