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19 Top Choices for the Best Office Chair Under 200

Have you ever wondered why you can’t work with your top performance? The answer could be as simple as changing their office chair. A comfortable, soft, and has a design that can perfectly support your body, an office chair can change everything. You feel more relaxed and able to concentrate. Now, can you imagine working without any stiff and uncomfortable chair to sit on? That will help you to use all your abilities without being annoyed by the office chair.

However, when you try to get the most comfortable office chair, you may have trouble with its price. That shouldn’t be a problem. Finding the best office chair under 200 is easy, once you know what you should look for. Many products enter that category you can find on the market today or check our section of Home Office Chairs. And, we are going to reveal some of them for you.

How to Find the Best Office Chair

You need to consider several factors when you are trying to buy the best office chair under 200. For example:

  • How easy you can set it up,
  • How comfortable the material,
  • The size, which has to be perfect for your body size and room.

You can use those factors to find the office chair that helps you to get the most comfortable experience when you are working. You also don’t need to spend too much time to find them, because we already short them out for you. Here is the list of best office chair under 200 you can find in the store. There are 19 of them, so you will have a lot of options to choose from.


  1. Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Armrest Executive Rolling Swivel Adjustable Mid Back Task Chair for Women Adults, Black

If you are looking for an office chair for working in front of the computer, this product is a good choice.


  • It is easy to set up. You don’t need more than 10-15 minutes to make it usable. In its package, you will get the part as well as a tool to assembly this office chair. Follow the instruction for an easier assembling process.
  • If you are looking for an office chair that feels comfortable for working for a long duration, the soft and comfortable seating design of this chair will give you that comfort. It uses the high-density sponge cushion for better support. It also has better flexibility with a good backrest design. This is one of the best choices for the best office chair under 200.
  • It also uses the best material for the office chair. The material has passed the BIFMA test, which proved that it has enough strength to support your weight. As for the weight limit, it can easily support the 250lbs of weight.
  • The design also provides healthy support for your body. Its cushion position, armrest design, as well as the supporting part for your lumbar area is available for you to use. Moreover, this design also stimulates your body to sit in a good posture, which is good for your health.


  1. AmazonBasics High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair - Black

For a busy period at the office, you will need an office chair that can help you to do several types of jobs. Furthermore, that chair must also be comfortable to use. For that reason, we choose this product for you.


  • It has many features that allow you to adjust it to your preference. It has a butterfly seat plate that you can change its position. Try to find the most comfortable position that also supports your body during your long working hours.
  • The height is also adjustable. Its unique setting tool allows you to choose its height starting from 41.34 to 45.08 inches high. You also can use this height-adjustment handle to change the chair tilting mode, between rocking back and forth or you just need to keep it fixed.  
  • The chair is wrapped with beautiful black leather and PVC upholstery. They also use bonded brown leather to create smooth and comfortable seating for you. Furthermore, the leather material also gives it a classy appearance, which is a perfect choice for your office when you receive guests.
  • The 360-degree swivel gives you the freedom to move and reach any area on your desk. This is the reason why we call it the best office chair under 200as the partner for your multitasking activity.


  1. Hbada Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair, Computer Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support and Flip-up Arms, White

Office chair doesn’t mean you can only use it at the office. Its comfortable design is also suitable for home, especially if you use a computer a lot. Hbada has this product for that purpose.


  • The simple design gives it beautiful looks. Moreover, its simplicity doesn’t cover the elegance that this chair’s design displays. Thanks to this unique combination, you can match it with any decoration or room interior design.
  • It also saves more space. The flip-up armrest allows you to hide the armrest, so you can tuck it under your desk for more space in your room. When you want to use it, pull the chair, and unfold the armrest. It is a simple design yet it has high functionality. You won’t regret to get thisbest office chair under 200.
  • You also don’t need to worry about the height. It is adjustable. You can find the right position to use for playing a game or watching a movie on your computer with the height and sitting position that you like.
  • It is also strong and durable. It can even hold the weight up to 250lbs. furthermore; you also get the silenced rolling wheels. Now, when you move it around, you don’t have to be bothered by the squawking sound and noise that come out of the chair wheels.


  1. HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Fog Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk (Black Fabric)

The manufacturer of this product seems to understand what a computer user needs. Therefore, they make this comfortable and easy to use an office chair for them. You also can try it, as it has many features.


  • This chair has a breathable mesh design. It consists of Ilira-stretch mesh on the backrest, which is combined with a cushion and two layers of padding. It is not only providing comfortable and soft support for your back. But, it keeps that area cool, so you can feel comfortable for much longer usage.
  • The Ignition Series by HON is well-known for its customizability. This chair is no exception. You can adjust the backrest, the position of the seat, as well as the seat height to your desire. The armrests are also adjustable. You can move it up, down, or to the side to give you the right space it sits on this chair. It will give you the best support for any work you do and the body size that you have.
  • If you are looking for the best office chair under 200that can hold weight up to 300lbs, you also come to the right place. This chair is made of very durable material, which gives you a feeling of security when you sit on it.


  1. Ergonomic Office Chair Lumbar Support Mesh Chair Computer Desk Task Chair with Armrests

Finding an ergonomic office chair that provides the best experience when you use it could be difficult. But, we have this product for you.



  • It uses an ergonomic backrest design. The open mesh design provides a comfortable and breathable backrest. It supports your back, promotes good sitting posture, and, more importantly, comfortable to use.
  • The breathable feature also can be found on the padding seat. They use a high-quality sponge with mesh clothes as its cover to create a padding seat that reduces the temperature around it. Plus, this best office chair under 200also creates a higher position for your hip and legs. You don’t need to worry about sweat on that part anymore.
  • It has pneumatic control for adjusting the position of several parts in this chair. You can raise or lower it easily. Or, you can make it rock or keep it fixed in one place. It is all adjustable by using only one control lever.
  • More importantly, this office chair also has a strong frame. It can support a weight up to 250lbs. Moreover, it also uses a PU caster, which is known as the most durable caster for the chair. You can move it around without any problems.


  1. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel Home Comfort Chairs with Flip-up Arms and Adjustable Height, Black

An office chair for the home office should be more comfortable. It is because you will use it for yourself. Hbada designed this office chair that meets that need. Let’s see what you can get from it.


  • The sleek design is ideal for any room at your house. Furthermore, the curved lower back also gives you a smooth form that adds more elegance to the room. In short, put this chair in any room, and you get the best thing from it.
  • The design is not only beautiful. It is also created by considering the comfort that its user will get when they sit on it. You can see it on its mid-back and the curved lower back area, which gives the best support for your back to keep it straight in a correct position. It also makes you feel more comfortable.
  • This chair also doesn’t eat too much space. The flip arms and the compact design allow you to keep it in your room, even if you have small space in it.
  • The material on this best office chair under 200is also breathable. You can feel cooler and comfortable when you use it for long period. 


  1. AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive, Swivel, Adjustable Office Desk Chair with Casters, Black

If you are looking for leather office chair with a nice finish frame, this product is the answer. It has everything that an office chair needs to be the best product in its category. Let’s take a look. on amazon or on our store



  • It uses a beautiful Black Leather material for its surface. Then, the finished frame uses the Pewter type frame. The combination of these two aspects creates a masterpiece in appearance for the best office chair under 200
  • The sitting area also uses comfortable padding. You won’t feel any pain or stiffness when you use this area. Furthermore, you also can find a similar design in the Back area. So, it supports your body from top to the bottom without failure.
  • For your convenience, it also has a reliable adjustment feature. Using pneumatic technology, you can easily set up its height, position, and sitting angle. Moreover, it has a 360-degree swivel and smooth-rolling casters for moving it around freely.
  • This office chair also has acquired the BIFMA certification. It means it has high durability, which you can see in its supporting capability that can reach up to 275lbs.


  1. AmazonBasics Low-Back, Upholstered Mesh, Adjustable, Swivel Computer Office Desk Chair, Black

If you are looking for another AmazonBasics office chair that has good performance, this is the best option. We see it as one of the most comfortable products in our best office chair under 200 lists. 


  • You can adjust the height easily. By using it at the right height, it also promotes not only a comfortable seat position but also your comfort. That way you can use it when you work in front of the computer for hours. Best of all, you can control it by using one handle only.
  • It uses the mesh-covered seat design. In this part, you can find 2-inches thick padding which provides soft support for your back. The lower-back area also has unique detail which provides the curve shape that matches your spine. And, this best office chair under 200also uses breathable material for the mesh section for comfort needs.
  • For moving around, it uses the smooth-rolling caster. It also has the 360-degrees swivels as an addition for moving purposes.
  • As for the weight limit, this chair can support up to 250lbs.


  1. Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair Computer Task Chair Mesh with Armrests Mid-Back for Home Office Conference Study Room, Gray

This product is the perfect choice for your office. Furthermore, it is also the best office chair under 200, which means you don’t need to worry about the budget to buy them. Furthermore, it also has reliable features.

Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair Computer Task Chair Mesh with Armrests Mid-Back for Home Office Conference Study Room, Gray


  • If you are looking for one unit of an office chair or several office chairs that are specially designed for the human body, this product is your answer. The manufacturer pays attention to the spine structure. Therefore, when you sit at this chair for hours, you won’t give too much burden to your spine that can harm its joints.
  • Along with the good human-oriented design, you also can find the lumbar support as well as cushion and padding on several areas to provide healthy support for your body. Once you sit on it, you can feel the most comfortable office chair you ever experienced.
  • Even though it has a good design, you may need to adjust it to your preference. For that reason, it also offers the adjustable feature for several parts in this chair. You can adjust the height, the back angle, as well as how you make it fixed or rock around.
  • You don’t need to question its durability. Using the stable star-shaped base, it can support your weight perfectly, up to 270lbs. Furthermore, it also has 360-degree swivel wheels for smooth and easy movement around your room.
  • It also has a simple assembling process. You only take around 15 minutes to assembly. Once you finish that, you can use it like what you want.


  1. Office Chair, Mid Back Mesh Office Computer Swivel Desk Task Chair, Ergonomic Executive Chair with Armrests

An office chair should become a valuable investment for your office. Therefore, you need to find a chair that can last longer, plus needs only less maintenance cost, like this product.

Office Chair, Mid Back Mesh Office Computer Swivel Desk Task Chair, Ergonomic Executive Chair with Armrests


  • This office chair uses the high-grade material. You don’t need to worry about its strength and stability. Thanks to the material, it won’t easily break or change its shape, even though you use it for a very long time. Thus, you can save your budget for maintenance or renew it with this best office chair under 200.
  • The intuitive control feature allows you to adjust and change its position and angle quickly. Furthermore, you also can do that while you are sitting on this chair.
  • The armrest has an ergonomic design. Its height and wide adapt to the natural position of your arm. In short, it works like its name, a place where you can rest your arm. You will feel less tired with this design.
  • This chair can hold a weight of up to 250lbs. It is a perfect choice for anyone. Furthermore, it also has a 360-degree movement to give you access to your surroundings while you are working in front of your desk. The strong wheels also support it with a unique base design for your safety.


  1. Smugdesk Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Lumbar Support Mesh Computer Desk Task Chair with Armrests

Do you have a back pain problem? It might be difficult to sit in your office chair for hours to finish your task. But, this office chair can provide the seating that you can use without worrying about your back condition. You can buy another product, but mostly, they all are expensive. However, this office chair is our best office chair under 200 that gives you the benefits at more affordable prices.

Smugdesk Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Lumbar Support Mesh Computer Desk Task Chair with Armrests


  • The lumbar support uses the ergonomic design, which gives you, not only comfortable but also safe support for your back. You don’t need to worry when you use it for working from morning to night. Or, if you use it at your house, studying overnight with it also won’t give you any problem.
  • It also uses thick padding seats. This thickness allows it to support your body and provide a comfortable base for you to sit. Moreover, it also uses mesh clothes as a cover. The mesh clothes are breathable material that can keep the temperature in the most comfortable state. The thickness also supports your hip and legs, so the blood circulation can flow smoothly. It reduces fatigue and prevents you to sweat a lot.
  • The multi-function mechanism allows you to raise or lower the position easily. It uses the pneumatic concept for its control that you can use without too much effort. Furthermore, this chair also can support up to 270lbs.


  1. SMUGDESK Ergonomic Lumbar Support Mesh High Back Office Desk Task Chair, Black

A perfect office chair should be able to support your whole back, from neck to hips. That feature allows you to sit comfortably, plus it is also good for your spine. With this kind of design, you can use it for hours, which is needed when you want to put it at your office. SMUGDESK made this best office chair under 200 with that concept.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Lumbar Support Mesh High Back Office Desk Task Chair, Black


  • The backrest uses an ergonomic lumbar design. Combined with the perfect placement of the headrest, your back will get the comfortable support that you need. Your body will mostly be in a good posture for hours of working time with this office chair. This comfortable position allows you to concentrate and use your maximum performance.
  • The adjustable features help you to create the correct position that gives you the maximum level of comfort. Adjust the headrest and the seat height with its lever. Whether you want to raise or lower it, you simply need to move the lever a bit. If you need to tilt it, you also can find the control for that. You can tilt it up to 125 degrees.
  • You won’t have an assembly problem. Inside its package, you can find the instruction manual that you can use as the guide. Moreover, you also don’t need to prepare the tool to assemble it. All tools are also included in the package. Follow the manual and you can get it done in minutes.
  • This chair is very durable and strong and can support up to 300lbs of weight.


  1. IDS Office Chair Mesh Ergonomic Mid-Back Armless Executive Computer Table Desk Task Chair with Lumber Support

Most of your budget for an office chair is the maintenance cost. Therefore, if you buy an office chair that doesn’t have good durability nor needs more money to maintain, that’s the wrong choice. This IDS office chair deals with that problem smartly. Moreover, it also is the best office chair under 200 you can find today. That means you also can save more money.

IDS Office Chair Mesh Ergonomic Mid-Back Armless Executive Computer Table Desk Task Chair with Lumber Support


  • It uses advanced material for the best performance. The material creates a soft texture, which gives you comfort. Moreover, the PU leather that covers its surface also is easy to clean. It cut down the maintenance cost a lot. Moreover, this material also won’t give you a skin irritation problem.
  • The 2-inches thick padding provides good and comfortable support for your body. The breathable cloth wraps the padding to create the most comfortable state for long hours of usage. This design gives you the best comfort that you ever get from an office chair.
  • It uses very durable material as the core. This material gives this chair more strength to support 200lbs weight at max.
  • For moving around, it has a 360-degrees swivel and a multi-direction wheel. With a little kick, you can move across your room to get the stuff without getting up from the chair. It improves your productivity as well because of this design.


  1. Office Chair, ZLHECTO Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Height and Lumbar Support, High Back Mesh Computer Chair with Flip up Armrests for Conference Room - 300lb Weight Capacity

A proven and certified office chair mostly is available at very expensive prices. However, this product is different. It has all features that you can find on the premium class office chair. But, the price is very affordable. That’s also the reason why we placed it in this best office chair under 200 lists. Now, let’s check on what kind of benefits that this office chair has.


  • This office chair has one of the highest durability among other products we mentioned on this list. It passed the BIFMA test, which takes around 100,000 experiments to finish them all. The result shows that this seating surface and the 360-degrees swivel rotation can last, at least, for 10 years.
  • For your comfort seating position, it uses the extra 4 cm heightened backrests. Along with a thick cushion and explosion-proof seat plate, it doubled the comfort you get from it. In short, this affordable office chair gives you the best experience using an office chair for your work.
  • The breathable material is another reason why this chair is your best choice. ZLHECTO use cotton material as the primary material. The placement allows it to adapt to your body shape, so you won’t get too much pressure on it. It supports your weight as well as size flawlessly. The breathable cotton material also gives it a comfortable temperature for long usage.
  • You don’t need to worry about your money when you buy it. The 100% satisfaction guaranteed will give you the best way to spend your money on an office chair.


  1. Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair for Standing Desk Drafting Mesh Table Chair with Adjustable Armrest and Foot Ring

An office chair’s comfort comes from how it can maintain a comfortable temperature when someone uses it. This product has that kind of ability, which makes it become one of the most relaxing office chairs you can have. Try to use it while working and you know the difference. Moreover, this chair also has many other interesting features.



  • The drafting chair types that also use mesh back design offer good air permeability. Your back and bottom will feel more comfortable, like when you are not sitting on a chair. This design also prevents fatigue and pain that happen a lot when you work for hours on a standard office chair. It means you can improve your productivity using this chair.
  • Adjustable is also another best feature that this chair has. You can change its height, foot right position, armrest angle, and many more. In short, you have the freedom to make this chair as comfortable as you want.
  • For your comfort, this chair also has built-in lumbar support. This support is placed in the correct position following your back and spin shape. You can prevent back strain problems thanks to this design.
  • The multitasking support feature is also another part that we like about this chair. It has a 360-degree swivel that gives you the freedom to spin and reach anything around this best office chair under 200. This design is perfect for the office area, where you need to take many things from your desk and room.
  • The smooth-rolling caster is also added for your mobility needs. It uses a soft PU material caster for the anti-noise move, plus this material also protects your floor surface from scratch. It is useful for a room with a wooden floor.
  1. Smugdesk Office Chair, High Back Ergonomic Mesh Desk Office Chair with Padding Armrest and Adjustable Headrest –Gray

SMUGDESK offers another best office chair under 200 with the best design and complete set of features for supporting your hours of working time. It has all the factors that you need from the best office chair. It is comfortable, beautiful, durable, and easy to use. Let’s take a look more about this product.



  • The ergonomic design provides a comfortable office chair you can use for hours in your office. Mostly, people will have a problem when they need to keep sitting in the same position to finish their job. But, the headrest, armrest, lumbar, and padded seat design in this office chair can eliminate those problems.
  • It uses a simple pneumatic concept for adjustment control. This design allows you to fully adjust the chair to your preference with less effort. For example, you can easily make the 90 degrees to 120 degrees back angle to provide relaxing support for your body. Or, you also can adjust the height to match your body height.
  • The office chair frame uses a smart design that boosts its strength and balance. The five-claw base provides strong support for the chair parts as well as people who sit on it. Then, it also has a 360-degrees rotating nylon caster for smooth movement. This material is also safe for your floor. This design gives this chair strength to support up to 300lbs of weight.
  • The manufacturer also provides the best customer service. So, whenever you have a problem with this chair, you just call them and get the answer within 24 hours.


  1. Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair Lumbar Support Modern Executive Adjustable Stool Rolling Swivel Chair for Back Pain, Black

What did you expect when you bought an office chair? You wanted a comfortable chair that will help you to go through your busy and maybe stressful day at the office, right? This best office chair under 200 is the one that you need. It has the best features for comfort and coziness you won’t find on other products.

Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair Lumbar Support Modern Executive Adjustable Stool Rolling Swivel Chair for Back Pain, Black


  • This office chair was built for comfort. All parts in it were designed to create the perfect seating for your long working hour. The adjustable height, smart locking mechanism, and the back design allow you to sit comfortably and even relieve your stress.
  • You also can see and feel that this chair uses an ergonomic design. As mentioned by its manufacturer, this chair uses the human body structure as the base to construct the shape. This design gives you comfort as well as better accessibility and ease. If you use it for playing a game or working at the office, you get nothing but the best seating experience.
  • This chair also has high durability and strength. It has been approved by BIFIMA, which gives you a clear image of its sturdiness. For that reason, this chair can hold a weight of up to 250lbs.
  • They also offer good customer service. It comes with a 90-days warranty, in case you are not satisfied with its function. You can contact the BestOffice customer service whenever you need to know more about this product.


  1. Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair, Black

You won’t believe what you can find in this best office chair under 200. The technology, design, as well as features, are those you can only find on an expensive office chair. So, even though we put this product almost at the end of the list, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be your first choice. But, before you choose it, let’s see what kind of benefits it has.

Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair, Black


  • The design is quite simple. You won’t find too many accents and accessories on this chair. However, it still oozes that cool and elegant looks. That’s a good sign. You can put it in your room and it will look great without too many extra touches.
  • The ergonomic adjustment feature is one of the best features you can find in this chair. This feature allows you to adjust this chair with a one-touch button. Furthermore, in this system, you also can find several features that give you the freedom to change it. It includes the 2-to-1 synchro tilt, height adjustment feature, and the adjustment function for the armrest.
  • The back area offers another amazing thing. It uses the AirGrid back, which provides a comfortable and breathable condition. Then, the lumbar support also provides passive ergonomic support to reduce your stress during your working day.
  • This chair also receives GreenGuard certification, which means it uses environmentally friendly material. You won’t find a dangerous chemical that can affect the air quality in your room.


  1. KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair Ergonomic Swivel Black Mesh Computer Chair Flip Up Arms With Lumbar Support Adjustable Height Task Chair

The last best office chair under 200 that we have is the KOLLIEE office chair. here is what you can get from this chair.

ZHAN YI SHOP Office Chair, Ergonomic 360° Swivel Black Mesh Computer Chair, Flip Up Arms with Lumbar Support Study Chair, Adjustable Height Task Chair, Mid Back Mesh Swivel Chair (Color : Black)


  • This chair has a complete set of adjustable features and mobility. The 360-degree swivel is there for your high mobility. The adjustable height mechanism allows you to choose the perfect height for your body. It also has a flip-up armrest to save more space in your room, when you don’t use this chair.
  • The back design uses the ergonomic concept. The design uses the human-oriented design base to create the back and seating position that is safe and comfortable for your body. This design will reduce the pain you get from sitting too long.
  • The manufacturer uses the best material for each part of this office chair. It uses the high-density mesh for a comfortable and breathable back and sitting area. The high resilience foam inside the cushion also can last longer and keep its shape even after you use it numerous times.  
  • It is also easy to install. No need for a complicated process to assemble and start to use it.


Those are the best office chairs we have found on Amazon. They are the entire product in the best office chair under 200 categories. So, you won’t have any problem purchasing one of them. One thing for sure, with one of those chairs, you will get the big and better change that you want at your office or home. if you still confused you can check on our store again for more info