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Brother MFC-L3710CW Compact Digital Color All-in-One Printer Providing Laser Printer Quality Results with Wireless


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Product Description

Brother MFC – L3710CW Review (View on Amazon)

This Brother MFC – L3710CW is the entry-level of all-in-one color printer that is also a laser-class printer that is perfect for your workgroups or small offices. This printer is less than Brother MFC-L3770CDW, but this difference means that you may sacrifice some key features as well, such as two-sided printing, scanning, copying, and faxing along with Ethernet support, and the ability to print from and scan to drivers, Both of these printers share some similarities as well. You should know that this printer offers you some strong features, including a photo quality, good text output, and a sizable automatic document feeder. There are many things to consider first before 

The Design 

You should know that this Brother MFC – L3710CW is a compact printer. So, this printer is a perfect choice for a small office. It fits for personal usage as well. Even it weighs around 49.5 pounds, along with the wireless function. This printer does not take a lot of space in your home office. This printer also comes in white color, and it looks so nice. Overall, the design also makes this printer fits for a business or a company as well. 

Brother MFC-L3710CW Compact Digital Color All-in-One Printer Providing Laser Printer Quality Results with Wireless, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready


When talking about the features, you should know many things. First, you can enjoy colorful prints for a lasting impression. Besides that, you can choose using the high-yield toner to get more economical printing results. This printer also completes the Toner Save Mode for saving toner costs. You should know that this printer also features flexible paper handling. It is useful to minimize your refills of paper up to 250 sheets by using the adjustable tray as well. It also has a manual feed slot that can help you to handle different types and sizes of paper, such as card stock, envelopes, and so on. 

This Brother MFC-L3710CW also equips with Auto Document Feeder up to 50 sheets to provide you with a multi-page scan, fax, and copy for time-saving. 

This printer also comes up with the wireless printing option where you can connect it with your tablet, laptop, desktop, and your smartphone easily. There is also the versatile connection completed with WiFi internal. You can connect it with your computer locally through a USB interface. It also has a 3.7-inch touchscreen to print from your popular apps, and scan it. 

Why do you choose it? 

You should know that this printer is a part of the seven-machine upgrade of Brother’s line of LED printers. Instead of using a laser to sketch the image page before you transfer it to papers, this LED printer will use the LED array to get the same results. The printer manufacturer uses the LED array rather than full-blown laser mechanisms since it is a smaller printer. 

As mentioned before that this printer is not significantly smaller than its competitors. Although this model has the 50-sheet automatic document feeder, this model does not offer you with auto-duplex copying, printing, faxing, and scanning. For the paper handling, this model can hold up to 251 sheets along with 250 in the main tray, and one in the override tray. 

This printer has some connectivity options, such as WiFi direct, and connecting to your PC via USB port. WiFi direct is the peer-to-peer network protocol for connecting your mobile devices to this printer without having them both on the same network or connecting to the router. Instead of WiFi direct, there are other connectivity options, such as Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Brother iPrint and Scan. You can connect to the business and personal version from several popular sites and apps. 

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The Print speed 

Brother also rates this printer at 19 pages per minute that are 6ppm slower than other LED printers. Even the score of this printer is pretty close to all-in-one printers. But you should know that this device is the laser inkjet alternative focused more on business with many features, high-quality results, and lower long-term costs as well. This printer is a true photo printer, but you still get high-detailed, and colorful results as you can expect. 

The Output Quality 

Most of the parts, this printer can last well during the print quality testing. The text comes out well-sharpened and easy to read as well, even when using it to smaller type sizes. Photos or images also look detailed with a high-accurate color. But, there are some business graphics that you may not like, especially those with dark gradients, and fills. But, it should not be the only thing that makes you look this printer is not good since there are other features that you can get. 

This entry-level laser costs less to use, other alternative inkjet laser printers cost you more. With a solid text and photo output along with connectivity options, this printer is not a bad option. If your small business or home office has a light printing volume with a tight budget, then this printer can be your solid option. Keep in mind that you have to sacrifice the Ethernet connectivity and auto-duplexing that come up in other Brother models. You can get richer features, and better quality results for a strong value as well. 

Tips to choose the best printer for home office 

The need for the home office printer starts to increase as many people are working or schooling from home. You may think that it is easier to make notes in your business report by using a pencil or pen than a keyboard. Or you’ve suddenly asked to send forms to them. Or your local office supply store that you usually use for printing your documents is still closed. No matter what your reason is, if you need a printer, then it is not difficult to find out. 

Laser vs Inkjet Printers 


You should know that Inkjet printers spray tiny droplets to the pages. There are different types of inkjet delivery systems, but most of them use the separated ink cartridges, each of them completed with the printhead that separates the ink to the microscopic droplets. Even the number of ink cartridges which have been used in this printer can be so varied. The most affordable ones usually use two cartridges. Most medium inkjet printers offer you the four separate cartridges. High-end inkjet printers will use the different black cartridges for the text, and a printer which has been used by businesses or photographers will get a wider selection of colored inks as well. 

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This device uses the laser to create the static electricity on the rolling drum inside the device. This electricity will pull off the toner that has been melted into the paper. Although the toner cartridges are usually more expensive than ink cartridges, they can last longer than the liquid ink. As a result, the cost of each page will be less. The laser printer is usually more expensive rather than inkjet printers, but they can save your money in the future. 

Laser printers also have other advantages compared to inkjet printers – unless you need color. This printer is quicker than inkjet printers, and the result is more precise as well. These printers are also more available than before. As mentioned before that this printer is more pricey, but you can get many features as well. 

Which should you buy? 

There are many factors that you have to know first before purchasing a new printer. There are some questions that you need to ask yourself when deciding what to buy. One way to decide is to see what you will do with this printer. If the color is not necessary for you, then a laser printer can be a faster and cost-effective option. But, if you want to print artwork in color, or sometimes print photos, then you may choose the inkjet printer. If you see yourself working from home in the future, then you may consider purchasing a multifunction printer. So, you have to know what your needs are first.