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Canon TS3120 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Black


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Product Description

Canon TS3120 Printer – A Buying Guide (View on Amazon)

Canon Pixma TS3120 is a wireless all-in-one printer that is specially designed with all of your printing needs in mind. With all of the features offered, printing wirelessly from your favorite devices will be much easier to do. Not to mention the budget-friendly price the product claims, making it a great option for your day-to-day printing needs. Find out everything you need to know about this Canon TS3120 printer device on the following page. 

Product Description

Canon Pixma TS3120 is a compact and affordable printing device perfect the most for home needs. It comes with a long of great features to allow you to print remotely simply from any device. Coming with an entirely black color, this TS3120 will look elegant on your work desk. The size and appearance of the printing device will fit any interior design easily. In addition to the design and great features offered, TS3120 is also compatible with optional XL ink cartridges. This will make it possible for you to print more files or documents whenever it is necessary. Not only that but being compatible with optional XL link cartridges also means that this will help you to extend the time needed between replacing ink cartridges. This also helps you save money, making the device budget-friendly. 

Canon Office Products 2226C002 TS3120 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Black

A Minimalist Printer Device in All Ways

Minimalist in all ways. That perhaps everything to sum up Canon TS3120. The printing device comes with a small size, something that people will notice first when looking at the product. TS3120 only weighs 8.5 pounds. Not only that but when the tray is closed, this Canon TS3120 also only measures 5.8 x 12.5 x 17.2 inches, making it one of the few small printers currently available in the market. This printer product also features four different inks to allow you to have more options when it comes to printing photographs. Compared to its predecessor, this Canon TS3120 series come with a significant increase of depth and width once the output and input trays are deployed. The length of TS3120 is known to add up to 21.8 inches from 12.5 inches if compared to the previous series of Canon printer. However, you need to keep in mind that this T3120 is carefully designed to fit a small room and consume as little space as possible when it is not used.  

Easy to Operate

Canon TS3120 boasts easy operation, thanks to AirPrint 1 feature added. The feature will make it possible for you to print any document easily from the iPad or iPhone. In this way, you can print from any room in your house with a seamless Wi-Fi connection. Not only that but the quiet mode provided in the device also allows you to print documents or files whenever you need it with zero noise. Meanwhile, the Rear Paper Support feature added to Canon TS3120 will allow you to refill paper quickly, making it time-saving as well. TS3120 is also easy to use due to the auto power on/ off provided. The feature will enable the printer device to power on automatically right after you send a print. 

Connections and Software

Using this Canon Pixma TS3120 will allow you to enjoy the simplicity of connecting your favorite devices. Either it is a smartphone, tablet, or PC, you will find it easy to connect the device to the printer machine through seamless Wi-Fi in your house. You can also enjoy a hassle-free printing even from social media or Cloud6 by using Canon TS3210. Not only that but TS3120 also comes with a Wireless PictBridge to allow you to print files from specific Canon cameras and digital video cameras. This printer TS series of Canon is also packed with some other connectivity features such as Bluetooth. The mobile connectivity features of this Canon TS3120 include Pixma Cloud Link to allow the device to connect to other popular cloud sites, Wireless Scanning, Canon Print app, and more.

Better Output Quality

The output quality of Canon TS3120 when the device is used to print text is well-delineated, well-shaped, and highly legible. That makes the device is more than enough for family needs, home-office tasks, student homework, and occasional printing. Not only that business graphs, charts, as well as other colorful graphics are excellent too. Additionally, Canon TS3120 also produces good-looking photo printing with detailed images and brilliant colors. 

Printing Abilities

One of the main reasons why Canon TS3120 is perfect the most for families or home needs that only do occasional printing is the device’s ability to print. The minimum paper handling capacity of the printing device is 60 sheets of paper per tray. However, the tray of this Canon TS3120 can be configurated effectively to handle 4 x 6 inches of premium photo paper up to 20 sheets. If you use the device to print a 5-by-7-inch premium photo paper, it can be configurated to hold up to 10 sheets of paper. However, you can’t use Canon TS3120 to print a photo paper with sizes that larger than 5 x 7 inches. Another downside of Canon TS3120 is that the device can’t be used to conduct an auto-duplexing or two-sided printing automatically. If you want to print a two-sided page paper, you need to turn over your documents manually. Then, you can print on the other side after that to get a two-sided printing. 


Speaking about the cartridge, Canon TS3120 is also distinct from its predecessor. Canon TS3120 uses only two cartridges for its four inks instead of a separate ink cartridge for all of them. The four inks available in the printer are black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. With only two print cartridges used, one tank will serve to hold black ink. Meanwhile, the remaining tank will be used to hold the other three ink colors. It looks practical, anyway. However, this arrangement leads the ink cartridge to hold less ink if compared to the one with a separate cartridge for each ink tank. Not only that but this also requires you to replace the cartridge each time one of the three ink tanks is empty, no matter how much ink left in the two remaining ink tanks. That can be the lack of Canon TS3120 since the arrangement makes the three-ink tanks are wasteful sometimes. 

Control Panel

The entry panel used in Canon TS3120 comes with several buttons. The entry-level control panel of the device is also completed with a 1.5-inch monochrome LCD. The panel can be used to set up as well as monitoring functions. The feature can also be used to set paper size, paper type, make copies, and more.  

Canon TS3120 Price

When it comes to prices, Canon TS3120 is one of the most affordable printer products in the market with promising features now. The price of TS3120 in the US now is about $79,99. It is one of the very few injects printers currently in the market that sold under $80,00. What makes it more unique and interesting is that the street price of this Canon TS3120 is only $49,99. It means that you take the printer home with less than $50,00. What a nice deal to have for such a functional printer device! The price of Canon TS3120 makes it one of the least-pricey consumer-grade photo AIO printers you can find in the market this time. 


  • Low cost
  • Two-paper input tray
  • Good print quality
  • Compact and light
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support


  • No automatic document feeder
  • 5 x 7 inches photo output size at maximum
  • Only two ink cartridges
  • A rather slow document printing

Final Words

Canon Pixma TS3120 is one of the best options to take if you are looking for a printer for family and home needs. The device will provide you with a lot of great features that a budget-friendly printer can offer. Canon TS3120 is a wireless all-in-one printer that can be used to print texts and photos with sharp graphics and colors.