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CimFAX H5/H5S High Speed 33.6k Fax Server Auto Save FAX as PDF 100 Users Paperless Fax Machine Cost-Effective Fax Modem Fax Via Telephone Line


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Product Description

Printer Output Type Monochrome
Color Black
Printing Technology Dot Matrix
Printing Media Type Paper (plain)

Product Features

CimFAX H5/H5S High Speed 33.6k Fax Server Auto Save FAX as PDF 100 Users Paperless Fax Machine Cost-Effective Fax Modem Fax Via Telephone Line

  • Right Click to send fax on Windows computer. Receives fax 24/7. Easy-to-use software.

  • Drag and Drop to send fax on Mac computer. Pop-up notification for incoming fax.

  • One Tap to send fax on your smart phone. Remote access. Fax anytime anywhere.

  • Automatically save fax on local/network shared folder as PDF. Automatically send incoming fax to your email as PDF file.

  • Schedule to send fax; Auto resend when sending fails; Faxing status synchronized on all workstations; Fax in high quality; 4GB memory stores up to 80,000 pages; DHCP enabled, easy to set up.

Product Information

CimFAX fax server is a smart device that works with your pc, tablet and smart phone.

With CimFAX, you can send electronic documents out as fax. Paper or ink is not needed any more. No more frustration with paper jam or ink shortage. It sends and receives faxes automatically, which can greatly improve your productivity in faxing.

For paper notes or invoices, you just need to take a picture and fax it from you phone. You can also send bulk fax at a scheduled time to fax machines all around the world.

Wherever you are, you can get instant alert in CimFAX APP when there're incoming faxes. You can view the fax, add remarks on it or sign on it then reply. Or forward the signed contract to your boss. Meanwhile, you can get faxes in your email. Or have them auto saved in SMB network shared folder, as PDF files, for easy access. All team members get new fax at the same time, so critical faxes will be timely processed.

CimFAX also has PBX function. Users can have their own extensions and have faxes goes right into their own computers or phones.

In addition, all faxes sent and received are stored on CimFAX fax server, which means that you can retrieve any fax at any time you want.

CimFAX is your in-house device. Faxes do not go through any third-party. Instead, they are sent out via your telephone line. So your confidential information is secured. Get CimFAX. Connect it to your phone line. Keep your fax number. There's no additional fee. No subscription fee nor page limits. Send as many faxes as you want. Fax electronically and environmentally. Go paperless. Digitize your faxes with the most cost-effective fax solution.

Additional information:

CimFAX desktop client and mobile app are free to download.

Please note: You will need a landline or high quality VoIP service to use CimFAX fax server to send and receive faxes.

Welcome to visit our website (cimfax). Watch "CimFAX Fax Server Introduction", "CimFAX FaxGo Video" and "CimFAX Demo" on YouTube.

Right click to send fax

Right Click to Send Fax on Windows

If your computer is a Windows, you just need to right click any doc, pdf, or png, jpg file to send a fax.

Drag and drop file to send fax on Mac book

Drag and Drop to Send Fax on Mac

If your computer is a Mac, you just need to drag any pdf or png, jpg file and drop it in CimFAX box to send a fax.

One tap to send fax on phone

One Tap to Send Fax from Your Smart Phone

If you want to send fax from iPhone or Android phone, that would be more than easy. Download FaxGo from APP store or Google play. Open it and connect to CimFAX. Then tap to choose any pdf or png, jpg to send a fax.

Send and receive fax 24/7

Fax 24/7. No Need to Keep Your Computer Running All the Time.

CimFAX is an independent fax device. It can send and receive faxes without your computer or your phone. You just need your computer to monitor and view the faxes.

You can submit the multiple fax tasks and then you can turn off your computer and go home. The faxes are queuing up in CimFAX server and will be sent out one by one according to the priority you set up.

CimFAX auto receives faxes all the time. When you come in the office, turn on your computer and run CimFAX client, the faxes will be automatically downloaded.

All faxes are stored only on your CimFAX server and computer. They are completely secure.

send fax to email

Fax to Email

Set up Fax to Email and then you can get incoming fax in your

email without print it out.

Faxes are sent to your email as PDF attachment. Just need to tap to open and view. Easy to check.?

save fax as pdf files

Auto Save Fax as PDF

You can have faxes auto saved as PDF files to folders on your computer. CimFAX will auto create sub-folders according to user name, fax number or contact name.

Or save them to SMB network shared folder so that other users can access the faxes without logging into the client.

e-sign on fax

E-Sign on Fax

In Windows/Mac client,

scan your signature or stamp, then add them to the signature library which needs password to access. So you just need to choose one of them to sign on fax later.

In CimFAX (FaxGo) app,

sign on the fax created on your phone with either a e-pen or your finger, just like how you sign on a paper.

remote access

100 Users. Remote Access Available.

Set up 100 users and install CimFAX client on up to 100 computers and then you can all send & receive faxes from your computer. Or your phone. Or your tablets. Anytime. Anywhere as long as there's internet access.

No more waiting. All the faxes you clicked to send are uploaded to CimFAX first and then wait in line to be sent out one by one, in priority order.

Click send and then you are free to do other things.

No paper no ink no subscription

No need for paper or ink. No monthly subscription.

You don't need to waste money on paper or ink any more. Or buy any monthly plan. It's a compact device that takes little room and helps save money and time sorting all those paper faxes!

CimFAX H5 High Speed 33.6k Fax Server Auto Save FAX as PDF 100 Users Paperless Fax Machine Cost-Effective Fax Modem Fax Via Telephone Line (4GB)