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Entryway Furniture

Inspirations for Entryway Furniture

An entryway or also known as a foyer is an area that connects the entrance with the inside of a house. This area is usually found in spacious houses. During winter, an entryway can also function as an airlock. This area is the first area stepped by your guests before coming into your house or home office. So, you should not miss decorating and placing furniture in the entryway.

Japanese Style

For you who want to decorate your entryway with the Japanese style, you should not place big entryway furniture that takes up too much space. You just need to place hangers to hang coats, jackets, umbrellas, or car keys. Complete it with a minimalist stool. Moreover, you can also place a functional shoe rack. It will be better if you pick wooden furniture to accentuate the Japanese style.

British Style

A british foyer is usually dominated with white. So, you can opt for white furniture to be placed in your entryway. Or, you can choose wooden foyer furniture made from strong wood materials, such as Teak woods. For example, wooden chairs that you can easily find on Amazon. Combine it with particular decorations, such as an antique hanging lamp or mirror to create an elegant look in your entryway.

Classic Style

A classic style is strongly related to elegance. In order to bring such a beautiful style to your entryway, try to place classic leather chairs with gold accents. Then, combine it with a round marble table. For the decoration, you can add a velvet curtain or classic wall lamp. Dominate your entryway with white and light grey to strengthen the elegant look.

Artistic Style

If you want to make your entryway look artistic, place a small wooden table and put a white flower vase on it. Combine it with a white classic single chair as a seat. Hang a painting as a wall decoration above the wooden table. Accentuate the artistic style by adding a gold rug with a rose pattern. Your guests will surely get amazed when they come into your entryway.

Russian Style

Russian style usually combines a contemporary style with modern style. It also involves curves and horizontal lines. So, you can try to place a round table and a brown sofa near the window. This will bring a casual and relaxing touch to the area. Opt for stone floors to create an anti-mainstream look. Interested to try this idea?