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Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier


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Product Description

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Printer (View on Amazon)

This Epson EcoTank ET-2720 has aimed for a family who wants to run off copies of holiday pictures, and students who need to print images for their essays. These EcoTank refills are not expensive, and it is the right option for thousands of print documents. You should know that your tasks can be queued from Windows or Mac by using USB, and you can connect it from your tablet and smartphone. There are many features that you will get as well.

This Epson ET-7270 is a fantastic and easy printer that you can use as an alternative option for those who are looking for a new printer. Whether you are looking for a household printer or a printer for all of your photos, this printer can meet and exceed your needs. You should know that this printer does not use any cartridge. It means that you do not have to keep purchasing expensive cartridges to make your printer keep running. You will save more by avoiding buying cartridges, but you also help this planet by reducing the waste when you use this printer. So, you can check the review below. In this review, this article will talk about some advantages, and features of this EcoTank ET-2720. You will learn from many perspectives for this printer.

So, what is the EcoTank printer?

You may have heard about the EcoTank model that Epson has released. This EcoTank printer is a relatively new set of printers which have been released by Epson. If you compare this series to other Inkjet printers, one of the main benefits of the EcoTank becomes obvious. As mentioned before, if you do not use the traditional set of cartridges to deliver ink to the printhead, this EcoTank will use the refillable reservoir of ink. Instead of purchasing the replacement cartridges anytime, you run out the ink, all you need to do is buy more ink, and refill it to the reservoir.

So, this printer has many benefits, whether for your environment and your wallet as well. Since you need to purchase bottles of ink rather than traditional cartridges, you can buy larger quantities, it means that you will purchase ink at a lower cost. Since the ink bottle needs less manufacturing and less plastic than other cartridges, you will save more money, and of course, your planet as well. Epson also estimates that the cost per ISO color page is more affordable than other Inkjet printers. So, the saving is real for you.  If you are familiar with the CISS that is common among dye-sublimation enthusiasts, then you will be more familiar with the working process of EcoTank as well.

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Features and Design

This Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is a square black machine, weighing around 4,5 kg. It is quite big for a home office printer, but it is still acceptable. In the front area, there is a control panel that hangs to the front of this printer, or it has tilted all the way up so this printer has aligned with the top area. This printer also has a 1.44-inch display. There are some buttons, such as Cancel, OK, arrow keys, Home, and Back buttons to let you navigate all settings here.

Beneath the panel, there is the extendable out-tray. This copier/ scanner glass is located under the flap of the top as you expected, and papers will be loaded at the back. The ink tank sits in the right of your control panel, and it also has 4-separated spaces for yellow, black, cyan, and magenta ink. The filling process is very easy since this bottle features with the nozzle which been designed to fit perfectly with this ink tank, you need to unscrew the lid, drop the bottle at that place, and you have to wait until the ink decant.

Setting up this printer is very easy, although not entirely hassle-free, Mac users may need to look for the right driver. When it comes to connecting this printer to your router, then you have to input the SSID password, the control panel, along with its tiny arrow keys, and display. There is no WPS or Ethernet for secured wired.

After your printer is set up, you can send print commands to this printer from your gadget by using the Epson app. It is very convenient and fun, allowing users to do silly things from their phones to this printer, and it will spit them out within a few seconds. You can use this app as the distance diagnostic panel that allows you to see how much ink has left in your tank. You can print documents or files from cloud apps, and many features allow you to take a quick photo, and you can print them immediately.

You should know that negatives do not include automatic duplex printing, so if you want to print something on another side of the paper, you have to find out by yourself. This printer only scans one side of the document as well.

Understanding the print speed and output quality

You should know that this printer is no slouch. In many reviews, it can print five documents within 29.5 seconds only, and a 20-page document within 2 minutes. It is a fast printer and can be your best printer based on your needs. The quality is also great. Even on a small text at 10 pt, the serifs are sharp and clear, and the accurate color reproduction can be your best feature. If you think about the economy, you should know that this printer does not break your bank in the long run. Epson also stated that you will be guaranteed with 4500 pages in black color, and 7500 pages with the standard set of the bottle.

Should you buy Epson EcoTank ET-2720?

At this price, this Epson AT-2720 is an impressive proposition. It is affordable to run, it is easy to adjust, and it comes along with features, especially color printing, a copier/ scanner device. If you want to get a more versatile printer that can produce thousands of pages of text in high quality, then your best choice is this printer. The only flaw here is the fact that you only get a maximum of 100 pages inside the hopper, and there is no automatic duplex has been mentioned before. But it is still a great option for you.

Even this printer is one of the best-reviewed and high selling inkjet printers in some online platforms. By having good ratings from many people, it means that this printer meets with their expectations. As your references, many reviews that this EcoTank printer is a better option among other printers.

This printer is consistently praised for its printing and copying quality, the money value, and ease of use. Many people will love this printer because of an ink reservoir system that is significantly reducing the long-run costs of having this printer, even if you use it regularly as well. Rather than spending more money than the printer was worth every time, you buy a new cartridge, then you can replace the cartridges for reasonable money. It does not make your wallet fatter, but it helps you to keep your awareness to stay clean when you help to lower the waste for a better planet.

Of course, there are some common complaints related to this printer, but many of them were not too serious, and not consistent in all users. Sometimes, the reviews are left by the inability of users to use or maintain this printer properly. Just like other wireless printers, they will transfer large file sizes over the network that are often being obstructed by signals or walls. You do not have to worry since you can place your printer in an unobstructed area with your WiFi router and ensure that there is too much interference on your wireless system.  You can rely on the customer support that has been offered by Epson Company as well.