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HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer

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Things to Know about the HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Before You Buy It (view on Amazon)

It is very important to check on a thing thoroughly before eventually deciding whether to buy it or not. The idea of doing that is to get the all-important things about the item itself so that there will be no regret upon purchasing that particular item. It applies to anything that includes a laser printer as well. Nowadays there are so many printers to choose from upon planning to purchase one of them. Knowing thoroughly about the printer, it will greatly help in making the decision whether to buy it or not.

In the vast scope of printers out there with many different models produced by different manufacturers, HP LaserJet Pro M404dw is one of the decent ones in its respective segment. It is pretty much like in any other scope of things, there are different segments in the marketplace of printers of today. This one printer from HP is designed to hit the market segment of small offices or workgroups that need a medium to a high volume of printing output for each month of its use.

The M404dw from HP is a direct competitor to both Epson WF-M5299 and Canon LBP226dw. Thus, it is very reasonable to somewhat compare the three of them upon choosing the one final choice to make the purchase. In terms of the price, Canon and HP ask for a slightly similar price of $299.99 for HP and $299.00 for Canon. On the other hand, Epson asks for a cheaper price of only $209.99 to be the cheapest of all three of them. Yet, HP manages to offer a strong package of monochrome printers.

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Simply, HP M404dw is a small but fast printer for single-function monochrome printing which is very reasonably priced as well. The price and performance value of this printer makes it perfect for any small business and startup that needs quite a lot of printing every day. The only thing to consider upon using this printer from HP is the relatively more expensive operating cost than its competitors from Canon and Epson. It is highly recommended not to push it to the limit very often though.

Despite the one thing about expensive operating costs especially in its high-volume output usage, it offers several strongly good points to consider. This printer measures 8.5 by 15 by 14.1 inches and weighs only 18.9 pounds. That means this printer is a small one to be considered as a printer with just a small footprint. That makes it easier to place as well since it is strongly designed to meet the need for small offices and businesses in terms of fast daily printing of black and white documents.

In comparison to its competitors, M404dw is almost half of WF-M5299 from Epson. It is very similar to the LBP226dw from Canon. Furthermore, it is only a few inches larger than the B2236dw from Lexmark. That printer from Lexmark is another decent and reasonable competitor to this one printer from HP in which the Lexmark is 4 pounds lighter than the HP. All in all, the M404dw remains a small printer compared to its respective competitors in the same market segment of small office printers.

Even though it does not require a lot of controls from its users, its onboard control panel is rather difficult to use. The reason for that is the only two-line monochrome text display that is functioned as the onboard control panel. It displays a series of drill-down options and menus to navigate whenever needed. Regardless of that, it remains the number one choice of small businesses according to HP's internal data review of the product.

Printing speed is one of its main things that other printers may not be able to offer. The test run of this printer from HP delivers a decent performance of at least 40 pages per minute as rated by the manufacturer. The actual result of printing text documents is at 42.3 pages per minute. That is a great performance of a printer that is designed to be the printing solution of any small business and office. It also comes with the feature of super-fast first-page printing on any document.

Following that performance test, HP recommends this printer is only maxed out to print 4,000 pages per month. That level of performance will ensure the best state of this printer in many ways. It is highly recommended to pick other models of the printer to get more than 4,000 pages per month as the output of the printer. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier it is not that cheap to always push this printer to the maximum performance especially when compared to its competitors from Canon and Epson.

The detailed operation cost can be seen upon using it for a long time. It is possible to buy an improved toner cartridge that is labeled 10,000-yield by HP at its price of $221.99. Using that toner cartridge will lead to a 2.2 cent running costs per page. Unfortunately, that is about twice the running costs of the one from Canon. Meanwhile, the one from Epson is capable of doing that with about 1.4 cents less than the M404dw from HP. The running cost is something to think of over anything else.

In terms of the connectivity aspect, the M404dw is the better version of the M404dn. The M404dn only comes with an Ethernet connection while the M404dw comes with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity for easier access to its printing performance over the use of any device at any time. More importantly, it comes with a dual-band wireless system using Bluetooth Low Energy for better connectivity in lower consumption of power. That is somewhat a standard feature for today.

The fact that it has an Energy Star certification makes it clear that HP takes the matter of energy efficiency seriously. There is no need to worry that it will inefficiently use a lot of power. More importantly, the standard toner cartridge for this printer is called the HP EcoSmart. It is called that way because the cartridge is said to help save energy as well while remaining productive and reliable at the same time as its use. A reliable toner cartridge is indeed the key to a high-volume printing output.

The use of the HP EcoSmart black toner cartridge is said to save up to 18% of energy according to the official statement of HP regarding this printer. The cartridge is also capable of saving the use of paper along with the default paper savings mode of the printer itself. All in all, in terms of energy-saving and environmental care, HP M404dw can be considered as a decent printer in which its competitors may not be capable of offering that same performance and spec as this printer.

Another decent thing about this M404dw printer from HP is its security feature that ensures the safety of any sensitive data transfer for printing. That kind of thing is very important when dealing with hardware which supports wireless connections like this printer. The security features of this printer include instant threat notification as well as an optional PIN or pull printing. There is no need to worry about transferring any data to be printed by this printer with those security features in it.

The HP M404dw is indeed a decent monochrome printer that will be perfect for a small business or office for their document printing needs. It offers a lot of decent features in a competitive state towards its competitors from Canon, Epson, and even Lexmark. Just remember the thing about its rather high operating cost when it is about to be maximized for its maximum output in every month of its use. Putting aside that matter, it is a good printer to consider purchasing at its respective asked price.