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HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Mobile Printer, (CZ992A)


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Product Description

Why Should You Buy HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One for Your Work? (View on Amazon)

Today, many types of work require that we need a printer, such as freelancers or office people who happen to be on vacation or vacation outside the city. When it is complicated to print, of course, we don't want to be overwhelmed by going to an internet cafe or printing shop. By buying a print, we can print quickly, cheaply, and hassle-free or without hassle. Then, what print can support any job? One of them is the HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One. Come on, see what are the advantages of this sophisticated printer! But, before that, it is good to know in general about the advantages of the HP printer.

The advantages of HP printer

HP printers have many advantages when compared to other printer brands. Among them are having an accurate print speed, very energy efficient when compared to other printer brands.

First, the cartridge that is owned by this brand of printer has a more durable quality compared to other cartridge brands. When compared to several other brands, HP has good text printing results. Then, you prefer a printer that has a softer sound, right? You can get it by buying an HP brand printer.

You will also save more in the printing process because HP printers can use plain paper. That way, you don't have to spend extravagantly on buying expensive paper. No need to worry, the components inside the HP printer will also work well and will not be damaged quickly even though the paper you are using is plain. 

But above all these advantages, HP printers also have a few shortcomings, including a paper that often gets stuck in the cartridge and the price of ink is quite expensive. These shortcomings are not a big problem, because they are always balanced with various advantages, advanced technology, and maximum performance provided by HP printers.

HP printers can be a reference if you want to buy a new printer to support document printing activities. In the following, this article will present the excellence of HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One.

Product description of HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One

The HP brand is already well known among tech enthusiasts such as laptops and printers, so it doesn't want to be outdone by releasing a portable printer with great features. In a series of its 2016 printer product launches in Macau on April 6, 2016, HP introduced the HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One.

HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One Printer can not only be used for printing, it can also be used for scanning your important documents. Yes, this tiny multifunctional printer (MFP) is the solution to the needs of a highly mobile printer and scanner. HP promises that this printer has the most print capabilities, the highest print speed, and the shortest first sheet print speed, for a printer in its class.

The mandatory features of a portable printer such as Wi-Fi and USB connection are also installed on this portable printer. Another feature that is featured in this printer is its ability to print photos with high color and quality. HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One Printer is priced at Amazon for USD 279.99, or approximately Rp. 4 million.

In addition to its affordable price, this portable printer is touted as the best printer out of 2019, by various magazines and tech reviews. What are you waiting for, whether students or officers, there will be a moment when you need the practicality of this portable printer.

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The excellence of HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One

Printers that can bring anywhere

The HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One is a compact printer that makes it easy for you to print from anywhere, anytime. This printer is perfect for those of you who need a portable printer, especially for those who frequently travel out of town for work. The size is compact and this printer is also equipped with a battery for outdoor use, fits in a backpack or backpack, suitcases, and so on. 

For its dimensions, the HP Officejet 250 multifunction mobile printer has dimensions of 14.96 x 7.8 x 3.6 in and weighs only 3 kilograms. Interestingly, the HP Officejet 250 is equipped with a 2.65-inch touchscreen LCD screen which makes it easier to operate the device while adding a sophisticated and contemporary impression.

Fast print performance makes work complete faster. For printing black and white documents, the speed of the printer is up to 10 ppm, then for color documents, the speed is up to 7 ppm. The printer's maximum resolution reaches 1200 dpi. The HP OfficeJet 250 printer can be used to print photos from any type of photo paper and size.

Flexible resources

One of the great things about this printer is its ability to be charged with a USB cable. So, you don't need to carry around an electric adapter to be able to operate this tiny printer. Also, of course, this printer is equipped with a removable battery.

So, if needed, you can just buy a spare battery. To make it easier for users, the remaining battery content can be checked without the need to turn on the printer first. Of course, if needed you can still use a regular power cord to operate it.

The battery life is amazing too. In one charge, the Officejet 250 is claimed to be able to print up to 500 pages. 

Compatibility and WiFi

For compatibility, this printer can easily connect to iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile devices. The built-in wireless module allows you to print directly using WiFi Direct or by connecting to a WiFi network.

The WiFi function with WiFi Direct makes it easy for you to connect the Printer to devices with WiFi, even without the help of a router. Apart from WiFi, you can also print documents via your Mobile device with the help of a Bluetooth connection. The advantage of Bluetooth is that you don't need to depend on WiFi network connectivity as well as save more electricity.

Flexible touch screen

This printer already uses a touch screen like other high-end HP printers. This color touch screen can be adjusted according to your needs. The angle of view can also be tilted to accommodate multiple placements. With the wireless connectivity capabilities of this printer, the 2.65-inch touch screen is needed.

Scanner and copy

On the scanner side, this tiny printer even has an Auto Document Feeder (ADF). You can queue up to 10 pages to be scanned automatically with this sophisticated MFP.

For the Scan Function, this HP OfficeJet 250 printer has a Sheet-Feed type with a Scan Resolution of 600 dpi with a scan speed of:

  • 9 ppm for black and white documents 
  • 6 ppm for color documents

Then, for the Copy Function, the HP OfficeJet 250 printer has a copy resolution of 600 dpi with copy speeds of up to 18 ppm.

Is it the right decision to buy a printer of HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One?

Well, The type of printer that most people need today is a printer that has several complementary features that can be found in a printer, including:

  • Features print color photos to large sizes. Print quickly (on a laserjet printer).
  • The function of scanning or scanning documents.
  • Wireless printer.
  • Portable printer.
  • Mini Printer (for paper sizes less than A4).

Having a printer that is good and also durable, and can be used in various conditions is of course one of the things we want and also expect from a printer. Therefore, users must also be smart in choosing a good and durable printer.

Then, the printer of HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One can be said as the greatest compact printer based on what most users test. It provides all fronts, of course with the quality of print in which some other printers with full size may get difficult for matching combined with probabilities that you can bring it everywhere you want. About the price, this printer may be much pricier than the others, but, you will find what you have paid. Yes, for the price of the HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One itself, it is priced more expensive than the smartest mobile in general, but it's all very reasonable because the features you get are more than what you imagine.