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LED Desk Lamp, EppieBasic 24 Watts Office Desk Lamps with Architect Clamp Workbench Light Bar 31.5-inch Ultra Wide with Flexible Gooseneck Sewing Table Lamp-4 Color Modes and 5 Brightness Levels

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Product Description

Color Black
Light Source type LED
Shade material Metal
Switch Style Touch
Brand EppieBasic

Product Features

LED Desk Lamp, EppieBasic 24 Watts Office Desk Lamps with Architect Clamp Workbench Light Bar 31.5-inch Ultra Wide with Flexible Gooseneck Sewing Table Lamp-4 Color Modes and 5 Brightness Levels

  • Stepless Dimming & Adjustable Color Temperature Led desk lamp features stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature (from 3000K to 6500K). Integrated high quality LED is designed to put less stress on your eyes. The light source (RA>85)offers fully diffused lighting and a comfortable light without flickering, ghost-freeze. Ideal for the home office, Studio, Monitor,drawing, sewing, crafting, painting, reading.(Kindly Note: Touch the button for 3 seconds)

  • Ultra Wide Light Bar 23.6inch super wide led light bar,delivers 200% wider and larger lighting coverage.And 800LM energy-saving desk lamp supplies 80W incandescent bulb equivalent light illuminating the entire desk workbench evenly.Exclusively built for a multi-monitor workstation, large table for the home office or modern drafting work light.

  • Memory Function, High Brightness & Energy Saving The office table lamp supports power off memory function, it will restore your last setting when you use next time. Highly efficient LEDs provide 12W enough brightness while consuming 80% less energy and will last for 50,000 hours, you never need to replace the bulb, saving money and energy while enjoying lasting bright light.

  • Sturdy Base, Flexible Swing Arm & Spacing Saving High quality LED lamp with extra wide and strong metal stand on your desktop, good help to spacing saving.The universal neck is sturdy and provides great height and angle adjusting for optimal illumination when needed.

  • What’s in the Box 1 x Desk Lamp with Clamp (Material: premium aluminum alloy with silicone neck finish); 1 x UL Power Adapter; 1 x User Manual. EppieBasic promises you 100% satisfaction, with 2 Years of Warranty, and 30 days replacement or refunds guarantee with 24/7 Customer Service.

Product Information


EppieBasic Cares about Your Eyes

Wide Lighting Options, Bright Enough

· EppieBasic clamp lamp has 160 LEDs, 31.5 inches in length, offer 2350lux, about 100w incandescent bulb equivalent, to illuminate every corner of your desk.

· From 3000K, 4000K, 5000K to 6500K color temperature options and 20%-40%-60%-80%-100% brightness levels, the desk lamp supplies wide range for reading, typing, gaming, sewing and drawing, etc.

Diffused Lighting Gently

· Born with brilliant directed lighting design (45 degrees beam angle), EppieBasic lamp lights are fully diffused. Thus, no direct lights go into your eyes and the monitor screen.

Smart Control Upgraded

· This office lamp is upgraded with sharp lighting sensor that makes the desk lamp smart while sensitive. In particular, EppieBasic lighting sensor detects

surroundings brightness automatically, and sets desk lamp brightness to the comfortable level so as to protect your eyes. You can turn off the sensor

and set the lights in your favor.



About Desk Lamp, EppieBasic Cares More for you.

1st, No Hassle Work, Convenient to Use

· Led Desk lamp is featured memory function, your last lighting setting will be turned on again when lamp was re-plugged in, quite convenient.

2nd, Flexible Design

· The table lamp is equipped with silicone goose neck that is well made and sturdy, and as well passed 1000 times of twisting tests, Besides, the gooseneck can cast lights with a wide 27 degrees rotating range.

3rd, Space Saving Clamp

· Desk lamp with a clamp can be fixed on 3.7in/ 9.5cm thickness desk edge. Mount this light where needed, and it won’t take your desk space extra. (Supports up to 3.7inch/9.5cm)

4th, Durable Structure

· Made of powder-coated aluminum alloy and silicone, sturdy yet a great touch feeling, lights from EppieBasic is not a cheaply made plastic lamp.

5th, Multiple Applications

· This lamp is suitable for large size monitors (height below 27in), dual-monitors, sewing machine, drawing table, workbench applications.


Durable & Flexible

Made with silicone adjustable goose neck?this Led Desk Lamp is very sturdy while flexible, and allows you to tip the lamp in any position, cast the light wherever.

no flicker

wide range

Ultra Wide Area

31.5-inch wide Light Bar, EppieBasic lamp brights every corners of your workbench

work height

Space Saving Study Lamp

The lamp working height: 45cm-70cm (max); Neck crosswise working angel: 30degree(max); mount it for your office, study, workbench, and so on, without multi-shadow.

Sewing machine scene

Sewing Clear

Game scene

Enjoying Gaming

Painting scence

Focus on Drawing