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Living Room Tables

Living Room Tables are generally one of the focal points of a living room, and as such, you should select tables that complement your sofa and other furniture pieces. A few pointers when choosing living room tables to consider: -The shape of the table should be in keeping with the shape of your sofa. -Narrow end tables provide an area for display and displaying decorative items while giving you extra work space. -When looking at end tables be sure to keep in mind the amount of "wiggle room" your sofa has by thinking about the dimensions between the front of the sofa and the back of the table.

For maximum use of your living room tables and the space that they will provide, choose furniture with clean lines, minimal decorations, and a contemporary design that you will enjoy for years to come. The style of the furniture also plays a large part in the functionality of your furniture pieces. Leather, metal, or plastic pieces tend to be more durable and easier to maintain. Plastic pieces may not last as long as some other materials, but if you have kids or animals, plastic is probably the best choice. Wood and glass are popular choices for tables because they offer the appearance of being more expensive, but if you have children or animals, glass and metal are better choices since they are more likely to be easily cleaned and maintainable.

Choosing accent chairs and accent tables can really enhance the look of your living room tables and sofa. If you are planning to create a formal atmosphere, matching chair and table sets add elegance and grace to your design. For casual or modern settings, a combination of plain, functional pieces with unique embellishments and interesting shapes, and designs can create interest and show a little bit of originality. A coffee table and an accent chair or two can be very stylish. Also think about how these pieces will relate to your sofa and any other furniture pieces you may have chosen for your room. Matching chairs and tables work well together for a more upscale look, and a living room table and end table placed side-by-side can offer more space between the two central pieces of furniture for additional seating.