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Benefits of Different Types of Monitor Stand

Do you use a monitor stand? If you don’t, you should consider using it from now, especially if you start to feel pain in your neck. A monitor stand, or also known as a monitor mount or monitor arm will allow you to adjust the position of your monitor. Because most monitor arms are adjustable, allowing you to adjust the height or tilt it. So that you can comfortably position your monitor according to your wish. This way, you can have better work posture.

However, there are some different types of monitor arms out there. And each type has its own benefits. So, what are those types?

Benefits of Using Dual Monitor Stand

It will be way easier for you to work if you use a dual monitor stand in your workspace. You will be able to work more efficiently because you can open and work with 2 windows at the same time. This is also really helpful for saving you more time. You will also be able to effortlessly and quickly exchange apps and files from one PC to another. Just like most monitor arms, dual monitor arms are moveable and adjustable, allowing you to easily access different positions. This way, you can prevent eye and neck stiffness as you move your neck and eyes from one monitor to another.

For those of you who work in several stations by switching to one project to another, having a dual monitor mount is a great idea. It is really beneficial in making your workload easier. So that you can see a positive, significant change in your productivity. Moreover, it is easy and simple to install these dual monitor stands. Using a dual monitor arm allows you to have more screens in a smaller workspace. This is why it is also suitable for a home office.

Benefits of Using Triple Monitor Stand

If you think that dual monitor stands are not enough, then you might consider using a triple monitor stand. Just like other monitor stands, these triple monitor arms are also beneficial for keeping you stay productive. With this kind of monitor arm, you will be able to create a more focused, more immersive workspace. Such a monitor arm is ideal for any of you who need to split your work across several screens. Designers, gamers, planners, and streamers will likely use this type of monitor arm. So that they can juggle among different programs.

With the triple monitor stand, it is possible for you to fit 3 screens in a small workspace only with one stand. This stand also allows you to either add or remove a monitor as you wish. This is also ideal if your work frequently changes. Triple monitor arms can also be used by several workers. With this equipment, sharing files or contents with co-workers will be a lot easier.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Computer Monitor Stand

After knowing the benefits of using a computer monitor stand, some of you are probably interested in using one. If you are about to buy a monitor arm, it will be better if you consider these things below first.

  • The Size of Your Monitor

Measure the size of your monitor first before buying a monitor arm. This way, it will be easy for you to choose the one that fits your computer monitor. You surely do not want a monitor arm that is smaller than your computer so that it cannot accommodate your monitor. Or, vice versa. It is way bigger than your monitor, leaving so many empty spaces.

Consider how spacious your workplace is as well. If your workspace is not really spacious and you insist on purchasing a large monitor arm, your workplace will be even smaller.

  • The Height of the Monitor Stand

As it is said before, it is possible for you to adjust the height and position of the monitor arm. Before deciding to buy one, check how high the stand can lift up your computer monitor. The height of the monitor arm can affect your comfort when using the tool. Try to use the stand while standing and sitting on an office chair.

  • Details of Electrical Installations

If your work involves other devices besides your monitor, such as an audio system, camera, gaming devices, and so on, check the details of electrical installations featured in the monitor arm. Check whether it has additional features or spaces for those of your necessary devices. So that the monitor arm stays neat and clean without any other devices here and there.

How to Decorate A Monitor Stand For Desk

Besides dual monitor stands and triple monitor stands, there is also a monitor stand for desk. Now that you have known the benefits and tips to choose a monitor arm, it will be better if you also know how to decorate it. So, you can avoid a boring workspace that can reduce your productivity.

  • Add Plants

The easiest way to make your monitor arm look fresh is by adding some plants or flowers. You do not have to use real flowers or plants. Fake ones can also make your workplace look more attractive. Cactus is a recommended plant for this. Having flowers and plants will bring a natural touch to your work desk, useful for refreshing your eyes.

  • Place Artsy Decorations

You can try to place a small painting or your favorite photos on your monitor arm for the desk. This is purposed to make your workspace look more artsy, decorative, and more personal. You can opt for placing your family photos if you want to.

  • Place A Decorative Calendar

Having a calendar on your work desk is quite important. So that you always know what date and day it is. You can also know if there are any special events that day. If you agree, why don’t you choose an attractive calendar as a decorative element for your monitor arm? You can do DIY projects to make such a calendar. An attractive calendar is a multi-function accessory for your monitor stand. check more here on