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RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Home Theater Projector Includes Roku Streaming Stick - (Renewed)

Price: $118.95
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Product Description

RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Home Theater Projector Product Review (Check on Amazon)

Projectors are invented to facilitate people if they want to create bigger images. It is also easier to watch in a room with many audiences. Some people need this item because it is effortless and simplifies your work. However, there are a thousand types of a projector that are sold out there and if you have difficulties to choose which projector that is suitable for you. This RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Home Theater Projector is a smart tool for you.

This Item is Worth Your Money

If you want to buy a projector but you have limited money, you can choose this RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Home Theater Projector. It gives the best price for you. Many people recommend this item and you will also get a Roku Streaming Stick. It is a really interesting deal. This small stick is used to plug into your TV's HDMI port and delivers streaming content via the internet. Some people also claimed that this ROKU makes the projector even better alternative to having a TV.

RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Home Theater Projector Includes Roku Streaming Stick - (Renewed)

Some Good Features of This Projector

Let's get to know about this product. When you buy an item, you also check the specification that you need most. This projector has some specifications such as built-in Bluetooth 5.0, so you can add an external Bluetooth speaker. It is a good idea because nowadays all gadgets are wireless. Then, this item has a thick rectangle shape and the dimension of this projector is 10x8x5 inches. It is a few inches thicker than other types of projector and the color is only available one color: white.

Furthermore, it is a great substitution for TV.  The quality of LCD projecting the picture is adequate, but it would be better for the manufacture to create other products with well-improved image quality. The adjustment time to figure out the angle and focus take some time. However, this product is susceptible to light. It isn't recommended for you to use it in the outdoor area. This cheap projector can be connected from connecting from any device such as a phone, computer, or television.

For the warranty, the manufacture has stated that this product may minimal scratches or dents. The box also may be generic and the accessories may not be original, but it is still compatible and fully functional. If you get more damaged items you can also contact the customer service. Then, you will get a refund or replacement within 90 days of receipt. Before deciding to buy this item it is good for you to read the specification carefully, so you can know all of the features.

In conclusion, people buy a projector for some reasons and some of them want to simplify their work or just for entertaining. If you don't have much budget to buy a projector but you still need it. You can buy this one. The quality of the image is good, but it can't perform well outdoor. Moreover, people are still satisfied with the quality. You also get a Roku Streaming Stick. This is a low budget projector but it still has a pleasant experience.

Product Features

Built-in bluetooth 5.0, support to connect with bluetooth speaker Supports 1080P (as well as 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480p, and 480i) via HDMI input Native resolution: 1280 x 720 Inputs: VGA/ 3*HDMI IN/ 2*USB2.0 /Micro-SD card / AV, supported to play video / audio and photo. Accessories including: A/C Power adaptor, remote control, Roku streaming stick