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RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair with Footrest, in White (RSP-110-WHT)


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Product Description

The Pros and Cons of RESPAWN 110 Gaming chair: Do Its Features Have Answered the Great Characteristic, Utility, and Functionality Overall? (Check on Amazon)

Have you ever heard about gaming chairs? How about RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair? Well, laying games are often too cool to lose track of time. Especially for true gamers, just one day they don't play games like something is missing. However, there are times when your body is sore and your back hurts because you forget the time when playing games for too long. Therefore, gaming chairs are a must-have.

Currently, there are many types of gaming chairs on offer and of course, each one has its advantages. One of the best gaming chairs is RESPAWN 110. So, what are the advantages of this gaming chair? Should you prefer this gaming chair over the others? Before deciding to buy this gaming chair, let's first know the benefits of a gaming chair in general!


Gaming chair benefits

Frank Maas, an esports ergonomics expert, emphasizes sitting position when playing games, especially when competing for hours. According to him, a position greatly determines reflex speed, stamina endurance, and prevents us from potential back pain and inflammation of the base of the palms (carpal tunnel syndrome). This is where a gaming chair will come in handy.

For gamers, the ideal sitting position while playing games for hours can be obtained by sitting on a gaming chair or gaming chair. The shape is very ergonomic, useful for following the contours of the spine.

It starts from the backrest which is equipped with two pillows that specifically function to support the neck and back torso curve. This feature can relieve the work of the lumbar or cartilage pads between the vertebrae when sitting for a long time.

The gaming chair's back is made wide with a side that supports the body so it doesn't slide left or right. Overall, the technology used by this gaming chair adopts a racing car seat.

The biggest role of a race car seat is to keep the racer safe and comfortable. Therefore, the chair is made in such a way as to keep the user's body condition from impact and heat.

The characteristics of a good and comfortable gaming chair

Check out the following characteristics of a comfortable gaming chair so you don't choose the wrong one! By reading this explanation, later you can also compare whether a RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair comes with the following comfortable criteria!

  • Shape the Gaming Bench for a Proper Sitting Position

In principle, the back should be straight but relaxed. Therefore, the back of the gaming chair must follow the curve of the back. Or at least there is a bearing on the spine. It would be even better if the gaming chair has neck pads.

The position of the feet should also be flat on the floor. Choose a gaming chair that can be adjusted in height. Thus the back and legs will not feel sore. The hand cushion is also important to support hand movement during play.

  • Comfortable Gaming Chair Material

There are many materials used to make gaming chairs. Among them are genuine leather, synthetic leather, PVC leather, and fabric. The four of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Genuine leather gaming chairs are known for their durability. It is also cool so you still feel comfortable when you sit for a long time. For gaming benches with synthetic leather, it is not as durable and comfortable as genuine leather. But it doesn't matter if you use it in an air-conditioned room. For appearance, it is no less cool than genuine leather.

Next, there is a gaming chair with PVC leather material. This gaming bench is most suitable for those of you who like to snack and drink when playing games. The material is easy to clean and does not absorb water. Meanwhile, the cloth gaming chair is suitable for sensitive skin owners. This material is soft on the skin.

  • Gaming chair size suitable for physical condition

The weight of gaming chair users is certainly different. If you are heavier than the average user, you should choose the gaming bench directly. Don't hesitate to try it. Make sure you can sit and stand easily. Also, the gaming chair must be strong to support your body.

  • Comfort cannot be measured from the price of a gaming chair

You need to reconsider the features of a gaming chair. Is the high price worth the features offered? Is it okay if you forget certain features for the price of a gaming chair that fits your budget? But definitely, don't buy gaming chairs that are sold at very cheap prices. What about the RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair? Come on, see the explanation!


Pros and cons of RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is not like the other chairs of gaming littering all markets today. This gaming chair of RESPAWN 110 has various great features commonly sought after by most users. Yeah, The RESPAWN by OFM chair is a collection of high-end stylish racing chairs designed for office use or by gamers. The respawn-110 Series is a reclining gaming chair that is built with ergonomic comfort in the process of creating it.

The first thing that you can see is the shoulders of this gaming chair are a little wider than the others. Then, its backrest is perfectly tall.

Besides, this RESPAWN 110 has its headrest pillow in which the shape is very unique. Its headrest pillow is also removable. Of course, it is different from the others in which their headrest pillow is generally fixed permanently to the chairs and the shape is square. Then, RESPAWN 110 came with a pillow of lumbar.

 it can be said that it is a premium choice. Overall, this chair trends in a direction of positive things. The sleek look is very impressive. But, to see whether its features have answered the terms of functionality and utility or not, you should dig deeper about it!


  • Having an overall capacity of weight for 275 pounds, even some users with 300 pounds weight have reported that RESPAWN 110 has greatly held up. They also enjoy it.
  • Coming with seating position, adjustable backrest, and also armrests moving as this chair reclines to ease you get the most perfect position.
  • Having a limited warranty of a lifetime in which it is guaranteed for a lifetime. Then, it also offers the service of clock customers to help easily resolve various problems that may arise.
  • Being made from the materials with the highest grade quality in an industry, the leather bonded will survive whatever the condition. 
  • 4d adjustment: find your optimal position by raising or lowering your chair and lying down between 90 - 155 degrees in an infinite lock position. soft, padded armrests rotate with the chair when lying down. Full 360-degree swivel rotation allows dynamic movement.
  • medium make: upholstered in bonded leather in bold colors, contrasting but maintaining a professional look, this gamer chair can also be used as an office chair. Game seats include a 275-pound weight capacity for long-term use.
  • It is customizable fully: this gaming chair of course can be easily customized to match or fit various types of body and requirements of the position. The bottom of the seat can be lowered and raised, and the back of the seat can be easily tilted back in which it is from 90-130 degrees and it can be locked well into a place. Then, its armrests are dynamic that will slide back automatically when the users tilt the seat back.
  • Surfaces of synthetic leather: it has been adorned with PU leather of black. Of course, it is very smooth or soft to touch and it resists dirt and stain. The leather surface of this chair comes with accent colors of blue, red, gray, green, and white. 
  • Ergonomic design: it has lumbar pillows and also a headrest which is adjustable for providing the ultimate neck and back support so the spine of yours is greatly aligned. This chair also has a footrest which is very extendable to help relieve the stress of the leg.


  • The armrests of RESPAWN 110 is not adjustable, but, they can move well when the chair is reclining
  • Its whole seat cannot be tilted to the back. Only its seatback can recline

So, based on the explanations, the RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair can be said as a great gaming chair because the features have answered the functionality and also utility overall.