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Lighter Than LCD, Find Out The Advantages Of DLP Projector Here

Lighter Than LCD, Find Out The Advantages Of DLP Projector Here

Have you ever wonder what kind of technology used to project the content? Known as projectors, this piece of technology is widely used for many means and anywhere. It can channel what you have on the computer, into an impressive big screen. Surprisingly, it also has several types. DLP, LCD, and LED. Here, you can find some advantages which can be found in the DLP projector that known for its compact size. Here is further information.


These Are Some Advantages That The DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector Has.


  1. Filter Free Image Projector

When it says filter-free, it means the projector is easier to maintain. At some point, the manufacturer even says that their product is maintenance-free. How could? Well, the best answer was due to the lack of air filters. The DLP chip inside the machine can work fine even without the filter, thus make the maintenance cheaper. However, it is quite obvious that you should do occasional dusting and lamp change to prevent damage or image degradation.

But worth noting that, not all the product is always filter-free. The higher-end product such as 3-chip DLP models does have a filter inside it. But most of the products on the market have no filter. Some of the users say that the lack of filter helps to generate a better image and prevent dust. One thing for sure, this DLP projectors' feature is still debatable. Some components might be damaged from dust; thus, you should do routine maintenance to prevent unwanted damage.

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  1. Imaging Chip

One thing that quite interesting is the existence of a sealed DLP chip in the device. This item is incorporated to eliminate dust particles to hinder the imaging plane. To say it bluntly, the device needs a way to help keep away dust from the lens which later creates a dust spot on the projected image. This is very necessary due to the lack of air filters and the lack of sealed panels. In this case, it is highly possible that dust piling will happen inside the machine. That is why the DLP chip is needed.  


  1. Better Contrast And High Contrast Ration

This what makes the DLP have stepped ahead from the LCD and LED projector. This digital light processing unit has better contrast and color gradient, which means have better depth. Most of the time these advantages are highly favored for business. The Infocus DLP projector is known to have higher contrast on the Full On/Off ratings. When compared with LCD, it is quite apparent that this projector makes a better measurement of the ANSI contrast figures.


  1. No Persistent Image

What it is means by persistent image is that condition where a certain static image will create a subtle ghostly image when switched to a different picture. This problem quite often happens when an LCD projector is used. The prolonged projected image will make the next display suffered quite a bit. This is nothing serious, but at some point, the persistent image has annoyed quite a lot of users. With all means, this problem will not appear in any type of DLP or inorganic LCD projector.


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  1. Less Pixilation

One thing for sure, the image quality of the DLP might be as bright LCD. But the projected image's pixelation is better than LCD. If you ever use an LCD projector, you can see the pixelation in the image that creates unclear or dotted pictures, especially for the low-resolution product. The DLP projector shows a better image projector. The pixelation has significantly reduced and the image quality is considered to have a better definition.

With that mentioned, you can expect a better pixel structure in the image. In this case, many professionals called it a screen door effect. This is something surprising, but also gladly welcomed by projectors users. It can be said that DLP has a great advantage in processing lower resolution images. Including the XGA and SVGA standards, this particular gadget can generate less visible pixel structure. That means a better and clearer picture for a lower resolution picture. 


  1. Real Image Quality With No Degradation Whatsoever

Just as good as the pixelation is, you can consider that the project can generate real image quality. In this case, the other projectors somehow degrade the image quality. This happens quite often when the projector is used for a long period. However, you won't get this problem when using DLP. As the side note, this problem will never happen to the Infocus DLP projector except when there is an excessive internal dust-build up that reaches the lens plane.


  1. Lighter Machine

This is the number one advantage of DLP. This device has a different engine than the other projectors. It uses a single-chip engine which makes it extremely smaller built than the LCD projector. Many users are quite interested in using this device due to the engine and the lighter machine. Even more, you can find the smallest or the lightest device that weighs less than 3 lbs. It is no surprise anymore that mini projectors that available in the market will use DLP as its machine. 

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  1. No Convergence With Using Single Chip DLP Design

The last advantage comes from the use of a single imaging chip in the DLP engine. This is known as a very unique design that only DLP has. The convergence problem that appears because of three different chips doesn't line up perfectly has solved with the DLP projector's single chip. Here, you don't need to be worried when the chips don't line up anymore. That is an obvious answer because this device doesn't need any alignment whatsoever.

To conclude, the variety of projectors have given even more versatility in usage. At some point, each of the devices has its strength and weakness. Compared with LCD or LED, DLP has a better color gradient, image, and smoother image. One thing for sure, the DLP has been frequently used for many usages. Including in the classroom and home theater.  If you are looking for a device that lighter yet provides good enough image, then DLP is your pick, check our store for more choice 


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