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VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector | Bright 2500 Lumens | Ultra Short Throw | HDR10 | Built-in Harman Kardon Sound Bar | ALPD 3.0 | Smart Android System


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Product Description

VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector Review (Check on Amazon)

Staying at home can be so much fun. You can spend your time laying around, reading some books, baking some cookies, or watching your favorite shows on TV. However, watching some shows from TV can be boring. And if you want to watch your favorite shows more comfortably you can watch it through a projector, so you can get a better picture quality etc. If you want to get a projector for your personal home theatre you can take VAVA 4K UHD laser TV home theater projector into consideration. 


Surprisingly, The VAVA 4K projector has many interesting features, which is all the more shocking for its down to earth beginnings, having been crowdfunded during its developments. And right now, it is able to prove itself to be one of the best projectors available on the market. 

Even though this projector is an ultra-short throw laser projector, you will be able to get a huge picture which is up to 150 inches. In order to get that you only need to place the projector a few inches away from a wall or screen. And most importantly, this projector will give you highly detailed images as well as a rich color spectrum. This projector is also gorgeously powered by 2500 lumens peak brightness lens, which will make sure that the pixels will pop nicely and shine with color. 

However, the smart platform for this VAVA 4K is somewhat trivial, with old iteration of Android TV and several well known apps such as Netflix and Hulu are nowhere to be seen. But this projector is a home projector that is specifically designed to obtain 4K images, impactful and vivid color, and ultra short throw picture which are packaged in a beautifully sleek and elegant design where it will be such an excellent choice for a new home projector. And most importantly, this projector won't make you become poorer, either.  

Design and Features

The VAVA 4K projector definitely has a heartwarming appearance. This projector comes with soft edges, an obstructive white/ gray or if you prefer you can choose the black/ gray coloring, bad a soft and smooth fabric mesh covering it’s front sides. This indicates that this projector will be able to fit in effortlessly with every kind of décor. If you want to measure it up with your counter, the dimensions of this projector are 553 x 368 x 107mm. 

If you pay close attention there are blemishes on the casing. These blemishes are used for vents at the projector’s sides. But you don't have to worry because they are out of view and kept away from the front of the projector. Similar with most projectors, the ports for the projector are hidden at the back which will be facing the wall. Overall, this projector will give a clean vibe and appearance. However, if there are some jutting cables or streaming sticks, they can prevent the projector from getting more than 5 inches from the wall or screen. It is not a big deal because you don't need to get any closer than that. 

VAVA also explains that a distance of 7.2 inches results in a 100-inch image, with a total range of 80 to 150 inches. That kind of thing will depend on how close you put the projector to the wall or screen. Actually, it implicates that if you don't have an 80 inch chunk of wall to spare in your home, then this projector is not it for you. Furthermore, that statement is also supported with a motion detection system. It will give you a warning when you try to peer over the top of the projector. The picture that you watch will be cut out and it will be replaced by a warning sign. It will ask you to not look directly into the lens because it can be dangerous for you. 

In addition, this projector is equipped with 4K resolution with HDR 10. As a result, you can feast on your movies, shows, or even games on jaw-dropping visuals with deeper color, higher contrast, sharper imagery and fuller saturation as well. Don't be wrong the VAVA's native contrasts far exceed the standard native contrast found in movie theaters.  Furthermore, this projector will also be able to give you ultra-long lifespan because it is specifically built to withstand the test of age. It uses the industrial-grade laser engine which can last 15 times longer than the average projector bulbs. To put it simply, you can use this projector for 4 hours a day for up to 17 years. Impressive right? 

Moreover, this projector uses an excellent 6000 lumens or light source to create a bright image even with just ambient lighting. As a result, you are no longer needed to pitch black rooms to be able to get a great image. The VAVA 4K is also integrated with the Harman Kardon Sound bar. It is a built in surround speaker that will be able to give high-fidelity sound with 60W of power. It’s lossless dts-HD and Dolby Audio will help to prevent distortion and produce an excellent audio experience. And most importantly, this projector will give you such an easy installation where you don't need to use additional hardware and professional installation. This projector will give you a quick and painless installation process. 

Connectivity and Convenience

For the connectivity, VAVA 4K has some ports. The ports at the rear include three HDMI 2.0 ports as well as one support eARC for connecting an external sound bar, if you prefer to. Apart from that, there are also audio input and output ports as well. They are used for connecting the projector to a wider audio setup or using it as a speaker from other devices. This projector is also equipped with an Ethernet port as well. It can be used for connecting to the internet and S/PDIF and last but not least there is also a single USB port. 

The remote for this projector is also sleek with a similar two-tone color scheme and a bit of button layout, including volume, back, home, menu, mute, power, and navigation buttons as well. You can find the VAVA logo in the bottom end of the remote. Overall, the remote is very pleasing to touch. This remote uses two AAA batteries. When you get the projector, you will also get a cleaning cloth for the projector lens. 

Even though, these days you can easily find Android 10 OS for Smart TVs, you can find it in this projector. You will find a relatively standard Android 7.1 OS in this projector. However, it still is easy and simple to use. This projector is also equipped with a lot of app support such as Disney Plus, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, BBC News, AMC and many more. However, the major issue here is that more commonly used apps aren't in the very first list. As a result, it will be a bit difficult for you to sort through the hundreds of selections to find what you are after. But don't bother to find Netflix or Hulu because they won't be on the list. 

Final Verdict 

All in all, VAVA 4K projector is one of the best projectors on the market these days. If you want to own a huge projector with a maximum image size of 150 inches, this projector can be a solid choice for you. Furthermore, with this projector you can be able to get a bright projector with HDR capability. This  projector is also a perfect choice for you who want to enjoy a good quality of audio thrown in. This projector comes with 60,/W Audio from Harman Kardon guaranteeing that you are not neglecting the sound for a large and bright picture. Even though the lack of Netflix and Hulu is bitter and hard to swallow, at the end of the day the VAVA 24K still is a great choice