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XGIMI H2 4K 1080p HD Smart Projector WiFi Bluetooth Harman/Kardon Speakers, Home Video Theater System , 1350 ANSI lm, 30,000 Hours LED Lamp Life, 300 Inch Image TV Projector, Works with Netflix

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Product Description

XGMI H2 Review – Budget Home Theater Projector (view on Amazon)

So, if you look for a 4K projector, then one of the best solutions to answer your problem is this XGIMI H2 4K projector. You should know that this projector can display a 300-inch Display at the 4K feature. The original resolution is 1930 x 1080, but there is no major issue that gives you with this 4K quality. It also has a 1350 ANSI Lumens, so even you only have a bit of light glaring inside your room, this projector will stay shining bright. It also offers you a Built-in Harman Kardon 45mm speakers that offer you a clear sound if you do not have an external sound system.  There are many great features that you will find here. 

If you want to watch live, you do not have to worry anymore since this HGIMI H2 also can stream Live TV directly, even TVs and movies as well. One thing that makes you love this device, it also supports Netflix, Google Play, Chrome, Hulu, Youtube, and so on. So, you do not have any issues with your entertainment system. As mentioned above, that this projector is budget-friendly, it has the power to support a great image, and other key features. It will not have any issue giving you with a high resolution, and it will not break a sweat during the process. You can check the review below. 

XGIMI H2 4K 1080p HD Smart Projector WiFi Bluetooth Harman/Kardon Speakers, Home Video Theater System , 1350 ANSI lm, 30,000 Hours LED Lamp Life, 300 Inch Image TV Projector, Works with Netflix

Key features:

It is a super bright projector 

You can enjoy an amazing 1350 ANSI lumens of brightness in any room in your living room or home theater, or even in your backyard for outdoor movie nights. This high lumen number helps you to remove the washed-out colors during the daytime viewing as well. 

4K Supported for your entertaining system 

This H2 projector has an original resolution of 1920 x 1080 that supports 3D functions. It will be easy to change a white wall into a huge 300” display with a sharp image. You can enjoy your day while watching favorite movies or TV series. 

Built-in Speaker 

To provide you with a theater-quality sound, reverberating, then this projector has partnered with Haman Kardon to make a customized set of duo speakers here. Many people say that Harmon Kardon H2 can produce accurate and beautiful sound to support your best audio-visual experience. 

Wider connectivity 

You can connect your video game to this projector easily to get a better gaming experience. 

You get native streaming service 

You can enjoy so many original apps and streaming video platforms easily. 

It feels like you are in a theater 

So, you can spend your best time with your family together in a theater by using this device. You can enjoy favorite movies, and hold a party to enjoy movies together. 

It offers you with a great display experience and quality sound system 

This XGIMI H2 is the 1920 x 1080 projector, and it will project an image up to 300 inches. You should know that it is a solid and sturdy device, delivering you with a quality sound as well. It is a boxy projector with all controls on the rear part, and it has different ports at the bottom of the rear face. Of course, you will get a remote control as well. To pair this remote control with this device, then you need to turn on the projector, hold and press the “Home” and “Return” buttons in your remote until the power button flashes. This device is more expensive than the H1 series, but it has improved key features to get a better watching experience. 

As mentioned earlier that this H2 has 1350 ANSI lumen, compared to previous products that have a lower number. Speakers are 16W instead of 15W in the previous model. This model also has automatic focus, automatic keystone, automatic lens cover, and other additional features, It has the motion compensation for the fast action video as well. It weighs only 2.5 kg, so it is pretty compact to remind with all the great features that you will get. 

Inside this device, there is a Mstar cortex CPU. It has 2GB RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, so you can load your favorite movies in the file manager, and watch them directly from this device. You can install this projector with the game consoles, such as PS2, XBOX, or you can insert a USB into the ports.  This projector also uses WiFi and Bluetooth to receive the transmission and has several HDMI ports if you have obsessed with a perfect image. It also comes with a LAN port and 3,5mm headphone jack for an incredible experience. 

The home screen is still basic, and it can be controlled by an air mouse on the remote. It will disappear quickly if you do not use it. You can configure that you need from your remote. You can download some Android apps that can connect with this H2 projector that gives you additional functionality as well. Even you can mirror your mobile screen, it is great to play YouTube videos from your smartphones or other devices. You can transfer local resources from your smartphone to this projector, and taking a screenshot of the h2 display of transfer files to this projector. 

video projector

You can transform the input from your onscreen keyboard to the stylus. The manufacturer may not mention this feature which is basically a quick guide to the buttons of your device. You will love the fact that this XGIMI since it also has a built-in camera that focused on the projector automatically, and it also adjusts the keystone where you can find an automatic focus button in the remote control. The focusing system is quick without you having to fid around the lens. You can adjust the image size easily with a smart zoom system.  The autofocus is so easy, no matter what the distance is from your screen. After you set up your screen, you can use this zooming system to maximize your image size. 

Some people may say that it is not a true 4k projector, but it works so well with 4k contents although the color saturation is quite weak. The action shots are really clear since the motion compensation feature in this projector. You will love the fact that the correction angles up to 45 degrees. It means that you do not need to have a projector between the screen and yourself. You can angle this device to the side, and adjust the keystone to get an incredible image. 

If you sit the projector too far to the side of the screen, then you maybe struggled to get a perfect keystone even manually as well. You should be more familiar with the settings on this project. Some people say that they dislike the user guide. The design professionals have decided that the font is very pale and small. Although it looks to be a lot of text, then it is one line repeated in 18 languages, then you can see it by yourself. This user guide is basic. There is no angle adjuster under the projector to slightly adjust the screen angle. However, there is the screw thread for the ceiling mounting, or you can use a stand as well. 

Of course, you will love this Harman Kardon Speaker on this device. It was located under the projector, this speaker has the flexible silicone that delivers you with a great sound as the cone will vibrate as well. It will fill your room easily, and your home entertainment may need to configure surround sound by using the soundbar or similar system. This device has a top-quality if you use it for a small home office or home theater. For most small business users, you may find that this is not necessary unless you want to watch the best movies on the main screen of your conference room. This device is worth your cost.

Product Features

?EXTRAORDINARY WATCHING EXPERIENCE?: TRUE 1080p gives awe-inspiring 1920×1080 image quality and delivers incredible clarity and crisply defined details. 4K input supported. Ideal for home entertainment and office. ?REMARKABLE BRIGHT?: Enjoy an incredible 1350 ANSI lumens of brightness, which is +200% brightness than ordinary projector. This increased lumen count eliminates washed-out colors and pale imagery during daytime viewing. ?POWERFULL CINEMATIC SOUND?: Partner with Harman Kardon, H2 smart projector provides reverberating, theater-quality sound. ?NATIVE APPs SUPPORTED?: Run Streaming and media apps flawlessly. Seamlessly display content from Netflix, Youtube, and more for endless entertainment. Just download apps from Aptoide Store and install into this projector. Please use Amazon FireStick together with H2 for Amazon Prime Video. ?Guarantee&Warranty?: XGIMI smart projector comes with 12 months warranty and lifetime professional technique support. Buy with confidence!