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XGIMI MOGO Pro, Mini Portable Projector Smart, True 1080P Full HD, 300 ANSI Lumen, Android TV 9.0, Harman/Kardon Speakers, 30,000 Hours Lamp Life Android TV Portable Projector Outdoor and Indoor

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XGIMI MOGO Pro Mini Portable Projector Smart: Tips and Tricks (View on Amazon)

A portable projector or pico projector becomes something familiar for the business community. It is something that must exist as presentation tools. This device comes in various prices and qualities that you can choose based on your budget and needs. There are also a lot of brands to choose from. You have some considerations when choosing the right pico projector, think about the audience size, its intended use, and also the types of projectors you can choose in the market. This will help you to get a perfect pico projector, like XGIMI MOGO Pro, for your business.

What is a Portable Projector?

This type of projector has many names. It is sometimes called portable, pocket, or pico projectors. The main advantage of having this device is that the pico projector is ultra-portable. Even the size is as big as a smartphone. Some pico projectors also resemble the miniature of multimedia projectors. The portable projector can also be seen as the substitution for a small TV or computer monitor that you can bring anytime and anywhere. Besides, it uses LED lamps that help you to avoid bulky cooling systems and high power consumption. Yet, to get this advantage, they sacrifice the image size.

For projectors, the number of lumens or brightness is the most important thing to have. It will affect the quality of the image it will show if they don't have good enough brightness. A portable projector mostly brings 25 to 1500 ANSI lumens, while the common one or multimedia projectors have around 2500 lumens. Pico is also lack of optical zoom. Thus, the placement must be flexible to get your desired image.

XGIMI MOGO Pro, Mini Portable Projector Smart, True 1080P Full HD, 300 ANSI Lumen, Android TV 9.0, Harman/Kardon Speakers, 30,000 Hours Lamp Life Android TV Portable Projector Outdoor and Indoor

What is ANSI Lumens?

ANSI lumens are the light output of the projector. Lumens are an essential thing to consider when buying new projectors because this is the standard brightness you will get. When you come into lumens, choose the right brand that shows you the true lumens output. Because sometimes, when a company claims to bring 4000 lumens with full HD their projector can only have 1000 lumens with no HD image. Choose big brands to give the best experience of having a projector.

For people who are new to buying a projector, choose the one with 2600 to 3500 lumens. You can reflect the image from the projector to the windows or walls. Be sure that you have low light ambient so that the image produced is sharp enough.

Also, consider the number of your audience, if it is bigger than 70 people, it means you have to show a larger image. And to reach this image, you have to place the projector farther back. This results in more light pollution. To overcome this, you need to have a projector with high lumens so that you can get the image projected to the screen.

Yet, do not just buy high lumens if you don't need it. If you put the projector inside, having 1600 to 2500 lumens is enough. But for daylight viewing, choosing higher lumens will also be good. Or if you want to create a cinema experience with a projector in the dark, a projector with 1600 lumens is also perfect. You will notice that not all high-end projectors are not bright. Or if you choose a portable projector like XGIMI MOGO Pro, it sometimes comes in a lower lumens number.

Main Considerations

There are several key features you need to consider when choosing a mini portable projector, such as portability, brightness, and also overall image quality.

Brightness is something important to have in the projector. And for a portable projector, it is sometimes used in an improvised space where it is not always possible to control ambient light. Thus, you have to ensure that your image still looks bright though the condition is not supported. Pico uses low transmittance of a single panel LCD projector, which means this kind of projector is not able to compete with the DLP mini projector.

Portability might be the main reason why you choose the pico projector. Make sure that your portable device is light, small, and has high-quality pictures. These are important when choosing a portable projector. As a single panel LCD projector, especially the one with higher resolutions, the size tends to be bigger. Also, think about the battery. If the projector has a battery inside, it will be a good idea to bring it outdoors to watch movies.

The last key feature is image quality. A small projector does not mean it has bad quality. A good projector is the one who has good technology, optical elements, and good light source in the lens of the projector. Buying a portable projector like XGIMI MOGO Pro from a good manufacturer will mean better quality and materials. The one with DLP technology will also be great. This kind of technology is used by home theater systems and commercial cinemas which present you with the best results.

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Other Things to Consider

The very first thing to consider is your intended use. This way will help you to narrow down your choice. Ask yourself what makes you choose tho have a portable projector. For instance, you need a projector for presentation though you travel a lot. If this is your aim, then the weight is important. Fortunately, several portable projectors are lighter and smaller in size compared to other projectors for fixed installation.

The second consideration is deciding the cost of your projectors. Some brands and some types of projector come with different prices. Make sure that you balance the performance and cost, and budget it. By having $300 you will get a good quality projector. It doesn't stop with that budget, make sure you have an extra cost to buy other peripherals.

The third thing to think about is the number of outputs and inputs, and also the types of your projector. This will help you fulfill your needs. For instance, you conduct a presentation and want to project your material to a screen or a monitor. In this case, the speaker can refer to your presentation without having to turn away from the audience. Choose a portable projector with VGA or second video inputs.

The next thing is choosing whether you will put the projector for outdoors or indoors. You also have to see the environments and projects you have to get the right projector. If you mostly work outside, choose the one with high brightness. Because the sunlight will make the presentation not sharp. Also, choose a projector with high contrast and resolution to improve your image quality. While if I stay indoors, the problem is not with the brightness, but with the noise that a projector makes when working.

xgimi mogo pro

Make sure to choose a reliable model. You need to check the estimation hours you can use your portable projector. For instance, consider the projector's bulb age. How many hours you can use it before you have to replace it. More hours means you can use it for a long time. Also, consider the price to replace the projector's parts and bulbs. Besides, think about how easy your projector is to replace and maintain.

Another thing to consider is the lens zoom and shift range, especially if you use it for outdoors or different environments. These two features will help users to change the throw distance and alter the position and size that you are projecting. For instance, you are going to project in small rooms, then you need short throw projectors. Yet, if you put it in a big place or theater, choose a long throw lens.

The last thing to do when choosing a portable projector like XGIMI MOGO Pro is by visiting several projector dealers to compare each feature and price. This is done to help you evaluate and choose various features like brightness, noise level, and other elements that will be hard to see without knowing the portable projector.

Dealers may also have recommendations for your needs. Choosing the right projector might not be an easy task. But by thinking about those considerations, it can ease you to choose one.